Ya know how Google always changes their logo on their Google.com homepage?
Well, in conjunction with Pacman's 30th anniversary, Google Doodle was supportive (and fun!) enough to make their logo into a very interactive game of Pacman!


So log on to Google.com now to play before it goes away!

Hopefully it'll stay for the entire weekend



And if you feel bored playing alone, go abduct your neighbour or wake granny up to play with you! 😛 😛

It's a live online Pacman game that we, netizens can play on the homepage itself! 😀 How cool is that!

We found out only after we got home after an outing! Was with buddies Ven, Cheez and theboyfieJosh in Clarke Quay for our Shisha fix! 🙂


At Marrakesh the Morrocan Bar

This is blasphemy! How can it be ONLY spot that offers shisha? ROARRR


Japanese nomnoms at Sakura Buffet


Dang! Just noticed all were glasses were empty when I took this picture! :O


Okay now they're full again! 😀

Corona + Killkenny



The moment we got home, it was straight for Pacman!


Look how it got us all intrigued by what we saw!


By the time we were busy playing this old skool fave game, I got to know that lotsa other people were already preoccupied with it as well woo hoo! Didja play it yet? 😀


So if ya didn't know about this yet, quickly head on there to join the fun too! 😀

Night night!