“… when ur shattered in remorse, look back u musn’t.. ask urself wut mistakez u made…?”

Itz da pain dat u feel, tha agony u receive, tha regret u bear afta knwing tat u kant ezcape frm anything….. God taught me tiz lesson…. tiz wuz d worst blow 4tha week. Actuall, He taught me much but i do not sem 2heed.. alwiz caught up in ignorance. *sigh*

Perhapz it aint seemin of much importance.. but wen put 2getha, u’ll see… in ma competitive upbringin, parentz who expect tha most outta me and securing future need… i aint 2dramatic here but yeah, i AM tellin tha truth… to you.. ma online diary… yess.. i aint afraid 2show ya how i feel.. cuz… itz me. Alrighty then here goez!

I skipped sch last Wed, Thu, Fri… fer no gud reason.. in fact no reason at all… perhapz i juz didnt feel like it… So d aftamath>? I didnt juz miss sum important lessonz….. i missed d chance…. one opportunity.. wud u grab it? or let it slip? Well… i let it slip rite in fronta ma bare handz… on Friday, d English Language Society had our AGM. Yeah, i aint tellin ya no more…. u shud noe.. i didnt attend. Like, DUH?>? How am i sposed 2noe there wuz a meetin>? No one actually told me!

Datz juz not da deal im afta… itz tha pain… 2see.. tat afta being a Vice President.. I had tiz chance 2b in tha running as Presidant foh d next AGM.. but i had noe idea there wuz a meeting on Friday bcuz of ma abscence frm sch… (n well, no one told me eitha) So, ma name got disqualified frm tha nominationz…. Juz imagine… tha remorse ya feel… Isnt it juz wasted away b4 ur eyez? Tha KK marx, tha pride of managing ELS n bringin it 2light and 2secure significance- datz ma promise to Mrs. Tan… Hell no one noticed but afta d last AGM, she pulled me 2one side and made me promise her.

Well… im sorry Mrs. Tan, sorry mom, sorry dad, sorry B, sorry esp ma godmom… whom has been ma English rival since i first spoke… yeah, she graduated frm Leeds and im proudda her.. im honoured to be ur competitor… i noe u were proud wen mom told u i got Vice President.. and u were so confidant i cud be tha next head… i guess ur wrong now.. itz ma fault. I skipped sch and i missed a golden opportunity.. *sigh*

but, Lord.. thank u for sendin me yet anotha msg.. i noe… i’ve bn notty…. i’ve bn waken up so many timez b4.. Joycelyn where r u wen i need u?? =) *sigh* Aww c’mon get a grip Jess!!!!!! Damn!!

hey… well… frm d otha side ovv me, im proudda ma fren Shantini who took over as ELS president……….. itz tuff to say but it cumz frm d heart: congratulationz buddy! i hope ya bring us 2success…………….. if ya need help… i’ll b there…. rememba…..

-i’ve grown smaller than a pea
jess out.

Information : courtesy of tha ex- president of ELS.. she told me wut happened… =(