oooh.. lookie.. tha black monday has arrived.. *rollz eyez* I actually lumbered 2sch wiv sucha black face but wen ma sightz set on ma fwenz, *yeehaw* i instantly lighted up! Yeahh.. itz amazin how frenz change weatherz ‘up-there’ So yeah.. sch started as usual and well… i wuz actually LOST in dat freakin add-math project she wuz blabberin about. *sigh* I wasnt in sch foh d last lesson so……. yeah…. u cud hv guessed… i was goin bonkerz ova wut she wuz yadda-ing in fronta me. C’mon! Lame ol’ kementrian… we’ve got enuff burdenz ourselvez! =(

Lessonz went on and on as usual n tha pwur ol’ me.. (who hasnt bn in sch faw quite sum time) had a tuff time putting two and two 2getha.. (such depression) wel.. b4 matterz actually got worse, here cumz ms. ong again wivv her addmath project crap! Total rubbish! I wuz wailing ma brainz out and startrd sighing out LOUD. She evn askd me y i wuz tired but i told her blatantly” im not tired.. i juz dun understand wut ur tokin about” She juz chuckled 2herself… awww not sum sympathy upon meeeee??? ^_^

As depressed i wuz, i started 2doodle on ma textbookz and filez again… hmm… but thank God, A fren o’ mine… namely Joycelyn taught me all i needed 2noe! Hmm…. pretty much exasperating though…. but her effortz came 2light! Yeeeeah! i understood! Hmm.. mebbe imma write it down all ova again… juz 2b sure!