u probly wudnt noe wut dat is…. yeah.. me neither… =P Add Math Project is driving me nutz~! Damn! Hmm… ya noe durin one ov tha Chemistry lessonz, i made ma way out cuz yeah, i didnt wanna hear her (grasshopper) no more…. I went loafing around d sch but i din lose track ovv time! *phew* Wen i got back, i expected ma class 2b at d next page already…. BUT, she wuz still at dat SAME OL’ queztion.. da same one since tha moment i left! wooo….

apparently, she screwed ma classmatez real BAD. Summin bout our attitudez i guess… n tha “u think ur so smart” accusation came ramming in our earz! oh woww… like, HELLO??? Where da fudge dija get tha wild idea dat we think we’r so smart? If we actually are, we wudnt sit thru ur damn lesson woman! *snarlz* and summin bout 2centz.. yeah, u read rite… 2centz. Dat calculative obcessed fussy pot of lipid- woman shud noe when 2hold her tongue b4 she parps any more!

Wateva. Pink roses? Cheesecakes? Teddy bearz? Sounds pathetic…. she actually HINTED more than a couple ovv timez 2us dat she wanted those on Teacherz Day! *groanz* Probly no one wantz 2givvem 2her… she had 2ask her victimised studentz 2do so. Wut? so dat she can braaaaaaag 2tha whole staffroom bout her gifts? Fullstop. Class 4arif hate ya so live wivvit!

Brimming wiv madness!
lll–jess out!—>
can u get  anymore pissed wiv tat dimmwit?