Ambling my way from the campus building to my lil white buggy, mygrey matter was somewhat running on Intel Duo-Core processor Pentium 4 at the speed of 1000b.p.s, thinking about what I was going to do for the next whole week (apart from the books, of course). Imagine, an entire week off! Yes, Mr. Mark Felix… I am fully aware that it is a STUDY break.
Let’s see now,
  1. Destroy my entire ‘haunted’ car interior for fuck’s sake
  2. Hit the gym
  3. Purchase a whole new set of a less intimidating theme for my car
  4. Shopping frenzy!!
  5. ….
What just happened in my direct line of vision? 5 students (assumably from the campus itself) getting out of the car and one of them very conveniently disposed 5 tiny little white scrunched-up balls of used tissue paper, placing them beside the campus, all in a neat row!! Oh, and I suppose he thinks it’s nothing but a laughing matter. Yeah, laugh over it dude, laugh about your absence of civic-consciousness and poor sense of hygiene. Ha-ha. I would; if I weren’t so flabbergasted over what you deliberately did. In aghast, I quietly walked away with a unpleasant expression plastered across my face.
Trust me, I am no keep-Penang-clean enthusiast. But any average member of the humankind with the least decency would knw how to put it where it belongs. Right? INSIDE (read: not under, not on, not beside and strictly not around) the garbage bin.
Please, for the sake of your dead mouse, I would rather keep it in my pocket first. Reason being,my extreme disgust over touching the lid of the garbage can. Who knows? A chewed-up lizard probably bloated after being exposed to the rain and shine for 3days, might have died on that very lid. Eww. Sorry, wrong number… I refuse.