.. with joy, of course.

i’ve learnt that such ppl doesn’t deserve a second of ma life, let alone a tear frm ma face. Thanx darling.. u picked me up wen i shattered in2 nth but worthless rubble. Im now a stronger person. Love ya, B.

Anyway, ma exxamz r now OFFICIALLY ova. itz like, havin urself inching towards wut i wud call, freedom. Oh.. speakin of it, i chose that title foh ma english essay- ‘freedom‘ With tha finalz outta ma way, i can at least concentrate more n being there fer ma hubby when he studies fer SPM n ma camp preps too.. finally, a switch of priorities. Hmm.. 2day wuznt a swell one foh me.. got a bit (actually, VERY) upset ova sum stuff.. n mom agitated me on tha phone.. hmm.. but i’ve taken care of that..

When ya actually think all is ova, tha results. YES. tha most feared resultz of tha finalz…. ma class hv gotten our Add Math already, n gonna get our Moral ones this Friday… I juz wanna get over n done with it… *ponders*

more next time on ma stuff!