Has lady luck been gracing me today? It’s no wonder, even if she did. Today seems to be my lucky day!

Personally, I never believed in things like
‘ congratulations! You’ve just won yourself RMxxx!’

neither do I buy
‘ You’re one of our lucky winners!’

But today, it all changed when I walked in as the lucky 15th customer of TGI Fridays.

Just being the 15th customer during tea-time with a bowl of their signature soup made me walk away with a voucher for a meal of three-tiered Sizzling Fajitas.Doesn’t seem like a big deal ey? But seriously, such things doesn’t come knocking at your door every other day. 

******* Wheeeee ******
 thanking my lucky stars!

Another lucky encounter of mine would be the reuniting of my childhood friend and I in TGI Fridays. My, my. I could tell that we have changed and grew so much since our young pre-school, elementary and high school days. It’s really wonderful to be able to meet you again by chance Clem!

Well, looks like my day turned out pretty fine didn’t it? Then, why am I feeling moodless?
*sigh* Maybe the stormy weathers had taken its toll on me… then again, maybe it did not.

What gives?