Yes. My class started with me feeling a tad too pissed. Indeed I was, as my team mates did not complete nor hand in to me the task assigned at the agreed date. Wow, ample time had been given but still proven futile. Only Vishnu responsibly completed his and told me that as editor, I had to patiently deal with the bullshit that people are capable of coming up with. Thanks Vish, at least I can count on you. =)

Oh, and randomly, this is supposed to be my classmate Ragu. He had a ‘great’ time being bullied by us girls

We wrapped a ‘tudung’ around him and tied two pig-tails on his hair

Where was I? oh yess

As we were all downright broke and dry (high five, Joyce!) we headed over to the food court nearby to relish true Penang food. Hawker style! There we were in New World Park; coincidentally meeting the students from the Aug ‘o6 batch. Hanging out in Steph’s aunt’s crib after lunch was no regret – I was dumbfounded with amazement. Their penthouse was exactly the way I wanted it to be, complete with the interior designing and furniture placements. No surprise though, as one of her uncle is an interior designer by profession.

Don’t we just love Ivan, dear?

There were pebbles all in a line for decor purposes and teak swivel doors. Her flooring was of an immaculate tiling whereas her walls had a plaster-ceiling finish to them. There was even an LCD projector above the cream, off-white settee which adorned the parquet leveled floor. An OSIM massage chair sat proudly at its cosy corner and the kitchen was complete with a professional counter adjacent to the dining area.

A koi-pond up in the air – Ivan was so intrigued by it!
Suddenly, I feel like an alien. Those were actually touch-screen switches!

Soon, dusk started to roll in hand-in-hand with the thunderous stormy weather. Could the Sumatran earthquakes have anything to do with the nasty downpour? All I know is, the flood was rather unkind to my car and this car in front. Check this out-

 The flood spells danger in the lower grounded areas

Come dinner time, and my dear ol’ godbro Jovan celebrated his BBQ birthday party at his humble residence. It was a double celebration as his friend Ben was the other half of the birthday pair as well.
Happy 18th, my dear pals!

ThE best part was smashing their faces into the cakes! Woo-hoo! We also made them give each other a birthday kiss – which they pitifully refused, rather adamantly. It was rather fun though as apart from socializing, we played Blackjack and some other card games all in a circle. The loser has to be forfeited by eating a kernel from a raw piece of corn placed in the center, on top of a revolting slice of ‘kuih’.

Thank god, I never lost at any of the rounds. =)
I then left the party back to Denise’s house with twice the network I owned, as I made many new friends there: Franklin, Heang, Daryl and Sau Teng, just to name a few.

The night went superb as De and I went to give Steph our love at her pageant finals.
Dang, I’m lookin kinda red! =0

Here are just one of the pictures:
During their entrance, all in white!

Before returning home, Jovan had me to join them all for a round of snooker- which I graciously obliged. =)
Godsiblings for 4 years and counting!
It’s a beeline home now ——————————————–