Hi there! Missed me?
It’s been a long time… I’m fully aware.

The longest absence it has ever been away from my blog, ever.

4 months would be an eternity away from something this close to your heart too. Trust me.


Just in case you’ve forgotten how this blogger looks. Haha!

Nah, it’s actually just an excuse to chuck in a selfie (or two) here.


It’s a rather common excuse to say this but, I speak in all honesty – the main reason for my 4-month hiatus was because work got in the way.

Exactly 4 months ago, was the day I got promoted at the office. Since then, I’ve been too preoccupied with meeting higher expectations, adhering to even stricter deadlines, striving for perfection for not just myself but my team, and working late nights in the pursuit of building my social media career.

So when I rose to the ranks of an Account Manager, my blogging mojo took an immediate backseat, much to my dismay. Cry Collateral damage, ya’ say? Haha.


Thank you for believing in me, Vocanic & GroupM.


I simply wasn’t able to commit juggling two of my greatest passions together – the demands of a social media strategy & management profession during the day and the diligence of blogging by nights & weekends.

As much as I enjoy being a workaholic, it dawned upon me that as I’m being overwhelmed with work, I’ve begun to forget living – my own dreams and my own hobbies.
The question is, am I able to dive deep into the latter again?Oops
The burning passion of writing, of retelling tales from wonderful experiences and fun opportunities that huge brands have given me, putting my kaleidoscope of opinions into words, stringing sentences together and penning a story; is something I live for.

This blog is where I’ve always been running to, armed with the wildest, wandering thoughts in my mind. After all, the pen is mightier than the sword. Wink


Or in this case of an era, the keyboard is mighter than the pen, of course. 😉

With my brand newHuawei Mate S in gold

I would go on a spiel to catch up on lost times and where I left off – my ‘The Sunday Times’ episodes, my 2014 recap (it’s already the end of 2015 now!),  my food & restaurant reviews, my event/party coverage, all my product reviews, my holiday travelogues, coffee hunting guides, and so much more, but that’s a challenge I’d like to undertake come this 2016.
On a lighter note, it’s Christmas! So… obviously, tis’ the season to be jolly.


I’ve got so much to share and to tell you, but in the meantime, let’s relish at lavish food, festive music, great company and spread some Christmas cheer this year end, shall we? 🙂

Despite having things really fast-paced and hectic at work, I’m lucky (and thankful!)  to have amazing colleagues & bosses.


Christmas at the office.

Dear designer, why did you put those swirly borders around the photo? 🙁
*stares at edwin*

Read on to check out my Christmas party pictures!


All our Christmas presents under Vocanic’s little Christmas tree beckoning us!

But we’ll have to wait till the end of the celebration dinner, okay? 🙂


Check out what went down at Vocanic’s Christmas Dinner 2015!


Flanked by my girls at work.

From friends, to colleagues. We’ve come a long way!

With my bosses.

With the boys from work. Ok, men. 😛

With the analytics duo. Hello from the other side! 🙂

We enjoyed a splendid buffet dinner at Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur hotel

And of course, the free flow wine!

Lots of fun and games! I’m so glad my Pass the Parcel idea went well!

Credits to Nickee dear for helping out xx

More random photos!

Babysistah and I xx

Hello from the Vocanic ladies!


We were the last ones to leave Essence restaurant!

This may be all of us for tonight, but it’s certainly not all of us!


Though I had a terrific time, the best part of this year’s Christmas at work was not just the great company or the great food. It was the gift from my Secret Santa that encapsulates everything I’ve said in the beginning of this post.Smile

I still don’t know who you are, my dear Secret Santa, but it’s the best Christmas gift I’ve ever got this year.

And Santa, I hear you loud and clear. I won’t quit my dreams. I promise 🙂

Merry Christmas, everybody!