Yes, you’ve read the title right.

Of all people, me. I don’t believe myself either but you are about to witness videographic proof no less.


I decided to do it after being challenged by several readers and friends (this includes my colleagues too!) to recreate the Gwiyomi/Kiyomi (귀요미) Song.

Most people doubted I would ever upload my own version of this immensively cute Asian global phenomenon. Reason being, well, simply because it was never my cup of tea to begin with.


But I proved them wrong.

I did it. HAH!cool


Just a little background before we begin, Gwiyomi/Kiyomi is a Korean slang for “cute” and the lyrics of the song is basically 1+1 = cute, 2+2 = cute, 3+3 = cute and it goes on till the number 6. Why only until 6? I have no idea LOL. surprise

It became a viral internet apocalypse after many Asian girls (and guys!) from various Asian countries, namely South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Philippines, made their own version.


So… umm. Here’s mine. wink

The VLOG of me mimicking the infamous, infectious and somewhat irritatingly cute Gwiyomi Song.


Jessicat X Gwiyomi


Never again. I felt pretty odd doing it, but I did it in the end as I’d hate to let a challenge pass me by. 

I’ve always wanted to do the Harlem Shake as well, but I didn’t have a huge bunch of sporting friends that was willing to do it with me. What’s a kick-ass Harlem Shake without a large group of people, ey?blush


Anyway, that’s all for today! Hope I didn’t waste your time too much.

I even did it twice haha. Once for the first time ever, and one for the road! heart