How much are they going to pay me for this write-up? hahahaha.. I would like 5 huge glasses please? LOL
As of late, I have been frequenting this wonderful sugar-cane store almost every day! It’s located in Burmah Road and boy, do they produce quality canes!

The price for it is so affordable and it’s worth every single cent from your dollar bill – only RM 1 !!! The thing is, the sugar-cane (a.k.a air tebu, for the locals) drink that they provide comes in huge glasses. It’s motherfucking pure and concentrated; not the usual diluted one-quarter-juice-three-quarter-water-and-sugar combination.

You’ll be begging for more! It’s already half-empty so fast, shows how yummy it is!

And the customer service is ever excellent too. The lady is such a courteous & pleasant person and can even go out of the ordinary – to suit your preference. Makes me so want to come back again and again. She has diligence and fantastic discretion shown on every move she makes too.

Thumbs up for her!