The Korean Film Festival is here again!

All of us classmates hit Gurney Plaza’s GSC on our Film field trip to watch ‘ The Art Museum by the Zoo’
Yeah, I went ‘?????’ when I first read the title – half wondering what I’m deliberately sitting myself into.
LOng? and that isn’t even all our tickets yet! =0

That movie seemed pretty touching, comical and wasn’t bad at all. Okay, well, that comment doesn’t count for each time I nodded off! The thing is, it wasn’t at all boring; only that I hadn’t had enough sleep the night before and succumbed to the likes of comfort provided by that cosy seat in a huge cold theater. ahhhhh @_@ tried so hard to keep awake for the sake of the assignment…. ZZzZZZzzzZZZ

ah yes, speaking of which, assignments people!!!! *groan*

But prior to that, my buddies and I had a hard time choosing where to eat :

Joyce: I want Dome!

Ivan: Secret Recipe laaaa
Denise: Don’t want the new BBQ Chicken place!
Jess: Sushi King!
Melvin: *points to a non-existent food outlet*

In the end, Ivan won. *claps* So its Secret Recipe for us all!

Melvin wasn’t too happy with the Chicken Cordon Bleu that he ordered and muttered that it didn’t look as tempting as it does on the wallpaper. Earth to Melvin dear, the poster on the wall is obviously for ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES! lol.

We had also discovered that Ivan’s Mathematical skills were going round and round in circles. (that picture wasn’t supposed to look like ANYTHING ELSE) Firstly, Denise was so frustrated for all the confusing calculations and Ivan then became confused as well. Melvin was cussing due to the perplexity of who’s cash goes where and how much who-and-who should pay.


Finally, the bill was settled to the exact cent, paid (no tips) and we left for that Korean movie. *phew*
Now I see why you guys hate Math. lol