Being the shoegasmic I am, I bought another pair of heels to add to my already stuffed footwear compartment. Can’t blame this chick for lovin’ shoes. AND MORE SHOES!

Speaking of shoes, Graham told me that he’ll be going down to Singapore soon and I screamed, “Charles & Keith!!!!!” He chuckled very loudly – but he was the only one who seemed to get it. Randall and Jeff looked confused so I probed them, “Betcha don’t know what Charles & Keith is?”

They shook their heads and exchanged confused glances.

Graham then said,” It’s shoes! What else guys?”
LOL. He’s the man.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. So I got a new pair of heels and enjoyed every walking bit of it. (literally) These heels are made for walking.. that’s just what they do.. one of these days I’m gonna walk all over you~! (As quoted from Jessica Simpson’s song.)

Somehow or rather, my maid saw it and started to like it very much. She wanted to try them on and when she did, she was barely able to stand upright, let alone walk in it.

She tried to grab hold of something… and failed.
That’s her trying her best to balance herself on my 3inch heels.

It made mom’s day. We laughed so much! In the end, kakak laughed so hard trying to pick herself up from the floor.
She’s so cute.

Good luck for your ‘walk’ ahead and kindly put your best foot forward =)