I've just got home from University after today's exam!

Yup, today's paper in the afternoon was Public Relations Theory and Processes. A much dreaded 2 and a half hours sitting there cold examination hall writing my fingers off!


Strangest thing was that I was using a brand new gSoft ball pen the moment the exam began and by the end of it, there was hardly any ink left! How could I possibly written so much? My answers were only 9 pages full.

Hmm.. so now, I think I can safely say that we now know the gSoft ball pen lasts for roughly 10 pages full of writing hehe 😀 😀 (and stains your knuckles blue) The image above is very close to its real size btw 🙂



I mentioned how examinations can always take hostage of your lives and drain your energy to a near zero. Well during the weekend, I bunked into my aunt's crib in Old Klang Road and had the chance to witness adverse effects of Monash final examinations taking its toll on both my cousins.

Take a look for yourself!



Looks like the exams can really screw up one's biological clock and turn usually lively students into book-eating zombies.




In the day, we're pale, possess bloodshot eyes with noticeably apparent zits popping up due to lack of sleep and immense stress.





But in the night, we're caffeinated and wide awake marathoning the wee hours away with our piles of notes, textbooks and lecture slides.



Okayfine. Perhaps I was exaggerating but on some days I really do feel that way. It's frustrating not being able to hang out with my friends or chilling with 'em.. and of all times, DURING THE FIFA WORLD CUP SEASON!!

Why must the final exams painstakingly be on the same month? 🙁 How to catch exam fever and footie fever liddat!? I only have room for one fever thankyouverymuch.



Oh speaking of the world cup, I *honestly* have been doing my revisions with the telly in front of me during Mexico vs. South Africa (yay! won a bet i put down!), France vs. Uruguay, and USA vs. England (ohh goodgod the suspense!), Germany vs. Australia (ohh that was hilarious)

But if it isn't for those annoying and irritating Vuvuzelas, I wouldn't have turned off the volume! Heck, I didn't even turn it down, I turned it OFF! In the beginning it was fine, duh, culture and whatnot. But when you actually have to listen to it – whether you like it or not – at every single game then it's just plain horrible!



Like, seriously! if you've been following the World Cup, you would know that  they blow the vuvuzelas throughout the entire game!


If the game gets boring, they blow it.

If anyone scores a goal, they blow it.

If anyone gets a yellow or a red card, they blow it.

If the results rock, they blow it.

If the results sucked, they blow it.

If nothing happens at all, they STILL BLOW IT!


Blow it in moderation people, we implore you!



How did yall even get your lungs to blow this horn / trumpet thing like that?

What, do yall takes turns to blow it when the other gets tired?


With all that racket, it doesn't even sound like blowing of horns anymore. It sounds like a swarm of locusts is about to crash through your TV screen and attack you, much like having your head stuck in a beehive – no kidding! Please don't go defending that honky tonk by saying its culture, go ahead and criticize how annoying Chinese firecrackers are, I don't mind.


Cos in all honestly, ya gotta admit, it sometimes is when played over the top.


Oh and I personally don't understand how it's gonna help, support or cheer on the players in any way. Won't it distract their match, like how it distracted me from my revisions? Sometimes, it even upstages the commentators 'cos I hear muffled comments drowned by the blaring of the Vuvuzelas.


I swear I could hear the Vuvuzelas in my inner ear already 🙁

It just won't go away!


When I was having dinner nearby with ze fockers, we couldn't even hear our own conversation properly! I just knew someone was watching football sbecause that much dreaded buzzing bee sounds were getting louder and louder. Why play the Vuvuzela anyway? Yup, that was when South Korea vs. Greece were getting it on.


In short, ban those Vuvuzelas please!

Or at the very least, limit it to blowing when a goal is scored. I'm sure lotsa people think so too!


P.S : Next time if the world were to ever decide that next year's FIFA World Cup is to be held in Malaysia…..


Let's all play the kompang till our palms fall off throughout all the entire matches and tell the world it's culture 😀 😀 Plus, we can get the whole kampung to attend your match too 😛


Now, wouldn't that be a fabulous idea hehe 😛 😛 😛