Yayyyyyyyyy!!!! Greece beat Nigeria to a 2 – 1 !! 😀 😀 😀

I won back the money I lost on last nite's matches


Now show me your sexxayyy pose yaw!


Arrived in Penang today just coincidentally when Korea vs. Argentina began! 😀 😀

Funny how I was standing by the curb watching it outside Austin Chase, Queensbay Mall upon touching down via Aeroline




Yet another exam, Contemporary Worlds I (International Studies) has just ended today! Brought in 3 ball pens with a quarter ink left and came outta the exam hall with 3 empty pens. Gosh! That's an immense waste of ink like I illustrated on my previous blogpost – no joke!


Random photo taken today on the way back from Uni after exams 🙂


So it's 3 down, 1 more deadly paper to go! Authorship and Writing next week, now I bet my other Monash seniors who took this subject can quite agree with me that it's a fatal one 🙁 🙁 oh noes!



I told myself that if I don't zonk out early today, Imma watch Spain vs Switzerland for the full 90 minutes! 😀 😀




I'm rooting for Espanyol babehhhhhhh!! Placed down a bet of 50bucks! Hope my predictions are true! Yeah, THAT'S for missing so many matches during the past few days due to exam revisions… bahhh humbug.


Anyway, goddamnit! Switzerland just scored a goal and it's now already down to the last 10 minutes. COME ON SPAINNNNN! DO YOUR THANGGG! Let the Swiss stay famous for their watches alone, don't let it be the same for football!


Oh and from another point of view, here's some funny moments during the Spain vs Switzerland match that I'd like to share :


Ouch. that must've hurt

nasty! But sometimes, I reckon ya gotta fall in style



"I reckon if I stiff my pits 8 times in a row, we'll defeat Switzerland. Fo shizzle!"

Me encanta mi axilas! Vamos a ganar 😛 😛



Dude, I like your Puma socks.

They're in my favorite color



the Spanish Sergio. 'Nuff said 😀 😀 *shy*

and don't you dare lecture me on my messy desktop!



Thanks to Shitmyx connection, my browser froze and all I got was this scary person

staring back at me in a tiny window for 10 whole minutes




I swear if you fell any further forward you would taste some neat Suisse 😛 😛



It's Bromance time! 😀

Let's hold hands tightly and dance around in circles hehe



"I think I just let out gas. Oh that felt good"

Let's hope the photographers behind you think so too, shall we? 😀



Another thing I noticed,


Why do all coaches have to look like a typical oscar the grouch?

grumpy in any angle any shot at any given time



And bald too.

It's a must, really. Just like school headmasters


and Indian Malaysian politicians.

(that's a wig if you don't already know) oops.



Anyways, i gotta run! Watching the game now.





ohnoes. this result doesn't look too well for my wallet

alaaa. Congrats anyway

but I still support your Swiss army watches anytime than your players 😛



I reckon the whole world lost a lot of money too after Switzerland's win. BUT COME ON!! Spain lost? For real? No shit? How is this possible? No waaaayyyyyy… to Switzerland, of all countries? That's really strange.

Could it be rigged?