Whenever it comes to Nadia’s house, I’m certain to be domesticated rather drastically, if I do say so myself

I can still remember when she screamed and stared at me, aghast. Hmm, what is it you may wonder? I refuse to share =P Find out, if you want to… by asking Nadia herself. Haha

Her parents are away for the whole week, so we kept her company by hanging out during the day and bunking in during the night. If you ask me, I would throw a mad party for all that I know to just chill and have a blast… the music will be pumping up the atmosphere and I’ll turn up my chandeliers to give my house the edgy look… a BBQ grill party seems fun…next… I’ll stock my refrigerator with lotsa alcohol, ice-cream and snacks… and I’ll also…. oh wait, enough enough! I’m starting to get carried away! Haha.

Please detour back to Nadia’s house. Thank You.

As we had the whole house to ourselves, we had the kitchen to ourselves as well. Anything in the cupboards and the refrigerator would turn out to be a great meal. Let’s put our thinking caps on!

Preperations begun pretty well and organised. I was astonished to see the ingredients placed in such a colour-coordinated manner! It reminded me of a colourful umbrella.. ella ella eh eh. take a look:

 Try guessing what each of them are. I DARE U

After what seemed like eons in the kitchen, I got (naturally) distracted and fooled around. Imagine Nadia’s horror plastered al over her face when I played with the huge knife – the cleaver!!! She practically reprimanded me for toying with such a deleterious piece of crockery.

Hmm.. when I start to fool around, I can pretty much resemble a jack-arse chimpanzee. Those are supposedly named ‘thongs’ =P

Don’t take me seriously. I am nuts in the kitchen *winks*

Alright cut the crap. We were talking about the subject: Cooking. Right? Haha. While Nads was busy and very seriously chopping and preparing other stuff (like the picture on the right)

I was busy not being serious. But, I did what I had to do as instructed by Nads. Hey, it ain’t always my chance to be in the kitchen actually cooking something right? That’s why I made the best out of it. It was enlightening and so much fun. Thanx Nads!!!! And for that, you get a magical thong fleeting to you behind your back.

    Hehe, just kiding gurl. You rock dear!

Mum was in disbelief as I gave her an account on what we were doing at Nad’s house. Like, wtf? Just because I don’t cook, doesn’t mean that I don’t like cooking. In your face mum, look!              

Actually, it doesn’t look convincing at all. It reminds me of those pictures of ministers ‘planting’ a tree for Save the Earth campaign, or even those political leaders posing on the camera. But hey. Trust me, I wouldn’t blog it if it ain’t real.

So here it is, after all the sweat and toil : a hybrid and modified version of spaghetti!

Looks like Mee Goreng rite? Haha. Pictures never do things justice.
As long as it kept us full through the night. Yummmmmmm =P

Since we have the whole week, I can’t wait to ‘assist’ my bestie Nads in cooking some more! Well, I have to say ‘ assist’ because she does most of the things compared to the inexperienced me. *sniff*

Oh, and I’m usually not partial to just mention the good side of the experience. Every moment has a rotten part too right? Here’s the beautifully clogged sink, in style too! *lol*