Being in a private institution is a part of me upon leaving the gates of my alma mater; with no clue whatsoever about life in a public institution… namely USM. Hmm, all I knew about it was that it is this HUGE campus with 4 entrances that stretches over 4 regions in the suburbs of Penang. More? They’re known for its purple trademark. Oh! And how could I possibly forget? It’s their convocation & graduation week, so I attended to various (then) undergrads in purchasing their blazer whilst at work in G2000

 Spotted a dude practising what looked to me like ‘tai chi’... It was comical though, having him doing it all by himself and in a campus??

I just HAD to take this picture. It’s so cemetery-like

Speaking of which, I was blessed enough to have an old pal of mine, KuanKooi to take me to their convocation day today. Though sceptical at first, I decided to give it a try. Turned out that I had genuinely enjoyed myself throughout! There was more to that of a graduation day, it reminded me of a mini fair inside USM’s campus with lotsa food, goodies and exhibitions; though we spent most of our time away from the crowd. It was an enlightening experience while you single-handedly took me on tour around your faculty.

Suddenly, I feel so Japanese-ey 

  This monstrosity scratched my watch    BIG TIME

Oh, not forgetting you’re an awesome photographer too. Muahaha.


There were so much stuff to see and do till I was practically buzzing around! (I’m amazed at your competency in keeping up with my pace, Tee) I wanted so much to go for that horse riding, but it had far too many people in line. Needless to say, I’d rather not waste my time queuing up. =P


Anyway, here we are with the ‘twin-towers’



As strange as it sounds, I had not actually heard about Housing and Building Planning a.k.a High Blood Pressure. =) And holy mother earth, I must say: I was in awe! Those intricate architectural designs and complex miniature models made me more than impressed. Heck, the only models I was aware about were the one we used to build back in scouting and guiding days. In fact, here’s a snap of one of them.

Reminds you of Roman structures, no?


However humid it was, the sweltering weather did not ruin my zest for today. I was hyper! Exploring and experiencing new things always keep me on my feet, in case you didn’t know. I love fun.

Being able to sight-see new things and socializing raises my mood by 3 notches. 

 All hail the geodesic dome!!

It’s wonderful to be able to rekindle after 8 years of friendship.

Thanks buddy, for showing me a great time. It was indeed captivating; I enjoyed every bit of it.