Last night was the BOMB. Sleepover in Denise’s house last night was so funnnn! We chatted and chatted till wee hours of the morning and only slept when it was bright! *gasp*

Remember this situation gurl?

(while looking at the window)
Denise              : err…. Jess…… do you notice that it seems to be getting brighter and brighter?
Jess                  : psst – Denise… do you know that it is 7 o’ clock in the morning?!
Denise & Jess: !@#%??*&%#!!


We dolled up, dressed up and cam-whored—
  Peas in a pod? *grins*
Pucker up gurl! haha
We then headed down to UPR to chill and to see one of our gurlfriend’s podium dance sessions! You gogo gurl
There she is – Steph! Shake ’em booty babe!

I just adore both the backgrounds!

We got home in one piece =) and ogled over our pictures galore!
Anyways, we were still puzzled as to why we had wasted two semesters not getting to know each other better when we clique so well! Even our moms are sssso alike! =) haha. Remember when we said, “Where were we during the last two sems?”
Seeing De’s closet and dressing table unconsciously made me make a mental note to self : Return to my crib and organize it!

Ohh.. before I forget. Coco snores so loudly in his sleep!

I was aghast. =)
Whilst having breakfast, I heard a loud snore.. thinking that her father was somewhere on the couch, I was utterly wrong! It was coco!