Wow.. I had always thought of myself as an unpunctual person – totally. But hey, when we were the first girls to arrive at Dav’s doorstep, I really must say I was surprised. =)

Met up some fine peeps there, they were all such fun!

A simple buffet yet a yummy one. Living proof? What’s with this dude here with a huge plate of noodles??? haha

We gambled a lil, drank a lot and had so much fun. Poor Joyce dear, she was down and out at our 3rd glass!

Doesn’t she look adorable when she’s tipsy?? haha.. hands off, she’s ma bestie!

The whole bunch of us were sorta in a challenge, but hey, we can’t beat em dudes in drinking now, can we? LOL. I carried on redder and redder until the 8th glass till I put a pause for a moment. And when I was taking care of my dear bestie Joyce, I downed some pure whiskey that belonged to Dinosour’s friend. Gosh, talk about it’s premium taste – when it’s pure, it sure makes ya go whoooooh~~~~

and more.
Oh, and randomly, did you notice that the cap I’m wearing is similar to the greedy one with the full plate of noodles? I just noticed that the cap belongs to him!!!

We were enjoying the booze indoors until, fresh milk and lime juice made its way to my tummy, to sober me up a lil. I made Joyce take some too, as she was in dire need of one.

Met up some old friends there, namely Wai Kuan. Didn’t get picture with her though.
Adrienne was there too looking as pretty as she always is

Oh and.. I love your puppy Dav!

Thanks for a smashing time Dav! Happy 21st!! *hugs*