Film Studies, Public Relations, Media Research and NewsWriting went great and are finally over… for the moment! It won’t be long until it all comes rolling back to us for our finals in another 7 weeks! *gulps*

What’s been happening, you ask? Too much. Just a lil glimpse or two would be good enough ey? =)

The day exactly after our Mid-Terms, I was introduced to some ganja-rous snacks!

Caution: highly addictive.

It’s those cheese-flavoured corn sticks which just oozes all the goodness of gastronomic sin with every bite you take. Try it, you’ll soon find yourself thronging through crowds of KDU students who have been succumbing to its hyponotism.

A few things cropped up and there were 3 lessons to learn:

1. Blogs are never, ever private
2. Violence solves nothing
3. Assumptions are lame

Believe it or not, those were the 3 things I now have in mind after bearing witness to the tough ordeal of a few great friends of mine. it’s over gurls, let bygones be bygones okie? Harm no one! (refer to #2)

Mum and I went for our facials and massages after a strenuous week of emotions, uphill and downhill rollercoasters and the like.

Don’t worry, I ain’t posting our Ghost of Christmas Past pictures taken during our facial. Imagine: white zombie-fied faces with mud packs on eyes.
That won’t be very necessary now, would it? =)

 My babes and I went down to Babylon @ UPR
just the other night to hangout and indulge
in some awesome margaritas and cocktails

*piccies coming soon*

Benj and I spent 2days together and yes, through the process of dinner as well.


We had some baked potato pasta and sausage thingy which Denise mentioned its slight resemblance to a shepards pie. 

Hmm.. come to think of it, you have a point there, De! =)

All in all, my 5days had been a blast and a learning experience. The best part of it all is that through my stormy nights and sunny skies, I had my boo and gurlfens there for me to lend me a shoulder and to listen and be there just as my pillar of strength. Really appreciate ya’ll babes.

Gotta go get ready for David’s party now. Ciao!