Yes yes I have not forgotten about this finale post I promised 😀

Here are the prequels – Part 1Part 2 and now finally, the closure!


Pretty timely, if I do say so myself. Hiak hiak hiak. 'Cos we're featured in The Star newspaper recently!



  Jason and I got a byline for our photographs too!


On the final day, Ian, Ivy and I accompanied the BRATs to Satu Suku Surf School. This is one of the only properly established surf schools in Malaysia. No joke about that, for behind these walls are the coaching grounds to Malaysia's #1 Surfer! 😀


Satu Suku Surf School!


The school is usually very busy with ongoing lessons and whatnot on certain months of the year, when the tide is high, wind speed and especially when the monsoon season isn't looming with danger.

But when we went, it was closed due to the heavy storms and monsoon winds approaching



But these fine young fellows opened up the school just for today's session!

(READ: Just for us) 😀



They were very accommodating and informative! Thankfully, the BRATs didn't have a hard time interviewing the boys.


Explaining the basics of surfing and how they begun


The BRATs even got a chance to know how surfboards are made and which were the ones most surfers prefer in terms of ergonomics and aerodynamics :D In Satu Suku, Billabong is their main sponsor!



Learning in progress! Do. Not. Disturb.




The boys shared simple tips, tricks and their signature moves as well!



Wah so engrossed with your work! *claps*



Meet Muhammad Daud, affectionately known to all as Mamat!

Such boyish coy looks 😀 Awwwwwwww.



Mamat just outside Satu Suku's porch


Soon, we decided to continue the session on the beach instead. The seaside view looks so much better on video! Plus, the lighting is  waaaayy better too. Don't they look so much better in their element?



Surfboards, skin tight surf suits and the sea
That what makes a surfboy



Sharing session continues! 😀


One of the best parts of today was that both Mamat and Shukri loves being in the center of attention! 🙂 They really seem to enjoy being interviewed, even sharing light moments with us along the way.


Malaysia's #1 Surfer lookin' all regal atop his "throne"! 😀



He lived in Australia for a good number of years training himself surfing

and even came back with a slight Aussie accent!


When he was looking all relaxed and calm here, check out the opposite side of the table 😀



Behind every news story, a dedicated team of workers is at it with sweat and toil!



While they were at it, the seniors and faciliators were just making sure everything runs smoothly and the recording equipments were well taken care off. We gotta make sure the BRATs are on the right track in getting to their angle of the story and whatnot too!

Towards the end, *inserts random camwhore moment*


Tinted the piccie with a slight tinge of yellow for an old school feel


It began to rain midway! 




Yet the BRATs wanted to finish their session first!

Come rain or shine, the show must go on



Gotta cap the camcorder lest it gets drenched with rainwater


Finished the final bits of the interview and that's a wrap!


Camwhoring with Mamat under the rain

omg my hair looks so damp and flat 🙁 🙁



Alls well ends well. Aside from a good story, I'm sure we've got pretty fond memories of these 2 beach boys!



For they were nothing short of an amazing duo of good fun, information and humour!


Back at the hotel meeting room, they worked on their news materials before the presentation the next day 🙂

They all did a pretty swell job, as a result of the 4 whole days at this young journalists camp.




credits go to the BRATs who put up the pictures they took with me on Facebook 🙂

I stole! I stole!





On a random note, I find this BRAT below very cute!

Doesn't she look adorable? Her name is Kimberly & has a nickname of wasabi or somethin' liddat 



Oh lots of you have been asking me about my godawesome BB casing & cover 😛

it's all dressed up by

Have fun shopping for your BB's wardrobe!



Right before we all adjourned back to KL in The Star van, we somehow HAD to stop by beach again for some McD lunch!



Oreo McFlurrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy is love