Imagine driving home after a hard day gymming one fine day, and find yourself getting summoned for 4 offenses – all in one big fat ugly summon.

1. Speeding
2. Not wearing a safety belt
3. Overtaking on opposite side of the lane
4. Using a cellphone

Hmm.. I manipulated my way out and well, bribed him. Duh. Hey, he initiated it. He kept asking me if i was sure if i wanted him to issue me a summon! i mean, hello? I broke the law so is itREALLY up to me to decide if I WANTED a summon? Haha. He asked if my parents would be mad and all that bullshit so hmm? I reckoned he wanted some quick cash.

I “promised” him not to repeat my offense and slit 50bucks into his notebook that he happily passed to me. And guess what i did next? I sped off. =)

Oh well, at least i made a tired policeman happy. Oh, and that pervert mentioned that i was a ‘budak cantik’. Whadda hell? That was so random, coming from Mr. Policeman.

Adios amigos cop!