o0o0o~*~hhhuh? wwuhh?? ~*~o0o0o0

Hmm…word foh word… dat title aint got nth 2do wivv ma post 2day!

ookie. now.. letz see. Where shall i begin? Yeah! BOut yesterday… pretty much a ruined, spolied n messed-up one. But, it turned tables at nite! Yeng n Angie, u shud noe wut im tokin bout!
oohh… hold ya horses now… cuz i aint telli bout it yet.. letz see how ma day fluctuated~

Juz a mundane aftanun… well i cancelled ma planz wivv hubby cuz that woman (yeah, ma mom) has been pestering tha arse outta me 2accompany her 2Bukit Dumbar. I actually neva wanted 2… but in the end i relented afta a HUGE SIGH. *rollz eyez* Afta all, shez ma momma n she wuz pratically beggin.

Yeah.. so dat wuz it.. i waited all aftanun foh dat 5pm thingy.. i cudnt do nutz cuz i hv 2b ready by 5sumthin. yeah so tha wallz n ceiling accompanied me foh dat aftanun… actually… for 2whole hourz. Wen i guessed it wuz time, wut i saw made ma eyez boil lyk sum grim reaper. -.- For wut i saw wuz ma momma, glued 2tha tv lyk there wuz no 2moro. Yeah dat hell annoyed me. Eva sinz we got d Astro, shez been warnin me not 2b 2glued 2it.. yaddayadda… but look now?? Shez tha one revolving her life around that pathetic black-cube-with-a-screen-n-speakerz. U bet. Tha remote is now probably a malignant growth stuck 2her bare fingerz.

B4 i actually yelled ma lungz out she wuz like… “ermm.. sorry Jess. Can we go only afta this show endz?” wen  i checked tha guide, darn! It only endz at 6.30pm… waaaay bhind tha schedule. That wuz it. i gave her ma dagger-glare n went out in tha open.. She actually came up n apologized 2ma utmost shock! =0 kk.. well…. she evn offered 2treat me baskin robbinz as a token ov apology. Oh well… seeing her THAT sincere i accepted it.

So yeah…. wen we were all dressed up 2hit tha park, (actually in tha car) she exclaimed ” oh! im supposed 2go 2d airport at 7.30pm!” U guessed it. I gave her tha ugliest scowl u cud probly imagine n began tha ’silent treatment’. So back 2square one…. she apologized.. n this time i wuz PISSED. totally! Wateva. i followed her 2d airport n gez who we met? That dorkish, geekish most ungodly nerd ive seen in ma 16years. Wut cud b worse? Yeah.. her social failure 6year old daughter… i mean, c’mon she actz like shez socially retarded or summin.. more like, socially ill. Hmm… i’ll put her pic wiv her mom fer ya 2grimace at.

I spent tha rest ov ma dinna time staring at them… two freakz frm outer space. Tha time FINALLY (yess!!! repeat: finally!) came wen they oughta go back 2their lil crib. Mom took them back 2where they belong (near minden heightz) later suckaz!



n wow! almost coincedentally, ma buddiez rang up n i rushed 2 USM immediately for our web-radio show. Palpitating heartz cud even dash past a ray of light….. we were duin sum crash course plannin.. a lil discussion.. and we were on air! *yikez* Hm.. golden rule is (obviously) 2b spontaneous… n well.. not 2make blunderz of course. That wud b like, vocal suicide.. *groanz* Yeah, so 40minz of our saliva, brainz n reflexes were spent hosting tha show… ohh tha pain.. wen u make a minor blooper… oh tha agony wen u stammer.. oh well… we were not bad for a 1st time deejay rite, Lin?

I wuz still petrified afta we ended our session..  i cudnt stop thinkin ov it. Hmm.. d adrenalin rush wuz all 2sudden for me 2take. b4 i went 2sch… i wuz still thinkin bout it… i evn wore ma sockz inside out n put tha butter-knife in ma mug ov warm Milo. *oggleoggle*

So yeah.. dat wuz exhilaratin….. kant wait 2do it again! Hmm… in conclusion, it wuz more lyka not-so-ruined-with-a-bit-of-spunk-day!