Where do you go when ya wanna make a trip to somewhere old skool yet contemporary?

Or better… to rekindle and have the last lunch with your old friend before she jet sets herself overseas never to come back again?


(okay I'm kidding about the never to come back again part :P)



We chose Dome 😀


It's a nice cosy spot with fab food and drinks, and an even more perfect place to show her my shutter sidekick the Olympus E-PL1 and what it can do! Since Dome has this touch of classic and contemporary English elements to it, this will be a good example fer picture taking!


The Pinhole art filter mode boosts the atmosphere in this classic place


Even my club sandwich looks more mysterious!

Unlike the usual flat photographs you see of food 😀


Fancy a bite? 😛 😛

I loved it. Especially the Salsa Sauce that comes with my club sandwich!



Girls having some fun. As you would probably be familiar by now, this piccie below is taken with the Soft Focus art filter. Now, this is one mode which all the girls love. Without photoshop, we get to achieve that satin smooth skin! Woo hoo



Nadiah was thrilled at the fact how it made all the pictures look so artsy, all by the magic of the Olympus PEN E-PL1. Lemme quote her, "OMG JESS! THIS CAMERA LOVES ME!"


Speaking of the camera loving her, allow me to also share with you guys the Burst mode. With one click, it takes multiple shots co-currently 😀 Here's the .gif image I put together for some humour & memories of how fun loving she is. Don't kill me babe! I still love youuuuuuuuu


A compilation of 6 shots in less than 5 seconds!


In fact, most of my friends and family members loved it. For a reasonable RM2.5K, it comes with all this modes and more scene selections, semi pro functions, HD Video mode and lots more.


Pinhole effect again to play the enigma of things



Now this piccie shot with the Soft Sephia calls for a celebration of 10 years of friendship!

We met in Primary school at a tender age of 11 and during that time, we were trying to oust each other's height. Nads and I were the tallest gurls back in school then. Streamed to the same class in Secondary 1, I was the Class Monitor while she was my Deputy Class Monitor.


Big love to ya babe!

And happy belated birthday



Let me know if you're still up for this camera! Hehe. Lotsa people will grab it too.. so quickly tell me hehe.

As I was on my way home, I couldn't help camwhoring with this retro beauty. Being one who camwhores in the car quite a lot even during my teenaged years, the Olympus E-PL1 is by far the best one. Perfect exposure each time! Photoshop is reduced to zero with this babeh.


The iAuto mode is brilliant. This is one smart camera!

Gold Angel Wing ring + all Bangles by Soak Republic



When I got home, something tickled my fancy. I spotted a bright Bumblebee of a Mini Cooper!

So adorable


This is where you enhance the vibrancy of your shots!

The Pop Art filter comes in handy 😀


And again, when you wanna play it melancholic

The Pinhole art filter 😀



So there ya have it. A day of fun, emotions & nostalgia captured easily by the Olympus PEN E-PL1.

And this is only a small fraction of what it can do!

NO NEED TO THINK ALREADY 😀 go get this retro beauty!

If you don't like black, it comes in white and gold too woohooo