What do you think goes behind these closed doors?



Do I need to tell you any further what's gonna be happening this 30th April all the way up to 3rd May 2010? 😀 😀


Empty GIGANTIC WAREHOUSE waiting to be filled to the brim with adorable Crocs!


Mark your calendars for this month end, as Crocs Malaysia will be organizing its warehouse sales all day long from 10am-10pm! It will be held in Ikano Power Centre, Mutiara Damansara. I know I will definitely be there! Ya better be early, as the crowd is gonna get whipped into a Croc frenzy!


This is the ONE place to go this Saturday till Monday!

Ya can never get enough deals 😀



Being a Crocs lover myself (screw you people who think they're ugly. Wait till you get chronic feet diseases from your cold hard painful shoes and then I'll be the one who laughs last at you :P) together with the Focker Family, all of us wears Crocs most of the time. Be it a short trip to the grocery store, a walk in the park or out shopping.

Now, these are the wonders that can make you walk all day without hurting your feet!


Crocs are no longer just that same ol' look that it once had. Now, they have hundreds and hundreds of different kinds of models and colours to choose from 😀 A little bird told me that there will be a whopping total of 119 Crocs models with marked down prices during this coming Warehouse Sale!


I forsee this space will be filled by throngs and throngs of people

*gasp* better be quick! 😀


P/S – You don't have to worry about them being another rip-off pair of imitation Crocs from China or so.. which claim that they are original! Bah. Buy and wear original Crocs only! These are certified genuine Crocs because this sale is none other than Crocs Malaysia itself 😀


Believe it or not, these vibrant pair of wedges are by Crocs! 😀

A super steal! It's called the Rio, and it's one of the best-selling models



As they have 119 models altogether on sale this weekend, I can't possibly show you each and every one of them right? You should definitely find out for yourselves 😀 But but but being the kind person I am *cough* imma give you a sneak peak on what's gonna be on sale anyway!


Looks perfect for hiking or walking on rough terrains!


Lotsa colourful Crcos for the kids too!


Now this is one rugged baby! 😀

So macho


for those who want something simple yet a hint of floral prints!



Nice! This is so loafer-like. I can't even tell that its actually Crocs!

The black ones are nice to wear to work too


Casual comfy slippers

This model aids the people with heel/feet problems 😀


So pretty! Flip-flops for girls.. with a lil heel!


Go retro yo! 😀



And of course, my personal favorite and now strapped comfortably to my feet as I write this.. the Rio!


Just like all the other models I've shown you it comes in other colours too

all of them!



Trust me, once you get there, you'll be spoilt for choice! Oh gosh. The colours, models, types, sizes and so much more! Check 'em out below




The bloggers had a earlier sneak peak at all the models available this weekend. So I'm taking this chance to share with you which models I saw! 😀 Style, a fashion fad and comfort – it can only be Crocs!



Oh guess what? Speaking of us, Crocs Malaysia has gone viral too! Never too late to embrace social media. Check them out at their Facebook Page and their Twitter profile for more updates on their ubercute and comfy models




Take a look at the video



I found baby crocs too! How cute 😀


Now.. I bet you're all gussied up and ready to armed with cash and your family members to pick out the best ones before they run out!

And 3… 2…1….. GOGOGOGOGOGOGGO!!!



Seeeeeee youu there felllasss!

Grab it while stocks last. Now, excuse me while I beat you to it 😀 😀