After 50 years of independance, we can now walktall with dignity to have achieved
our 50th Anniversary of Malaysian liberty.

The eve of Merdeka was so much fun. My pals and I celebrated it at Upper Penang Road, rotating from one place to another. When we got to Momo, it pained me to see that free food was being offered there – buffet style.  You know why it irks me so much? This is simply because I had my dinner in Babylon just few minutes before I got there! And the food there costs me a bomb! Whadda hell? =P btw, the food there was fab nonetheless. We had fun taking piccies too!

That’s us in Babylon restaurant in UPR

Pepsi ad anyone? We charge a pair of Choo’s! =P

The waiters were really friendly and it just made us feel right at home! Many expatriates got along with them really well too. Somehow, I like that place, the ambience is just soothing and romantic in the heart of Penang. Perfect for a date! Yes, I would recommend. =)

 So yes, back to the pain-stricken pangs of seeing free food being offered outside Momo. Ahaha. We hung out just outside Momo and were waiting for the ‘late-comers’ *ahem* to begin opening our bottle. The more is always the merrier, right? =) We then sat at those hanging rattan chairs – IT WAS FUN! *lol* Naina had trouble getting off of it, it kept spinning and spinning. =P Babe, you’ve heard of inertia, haven’t you? =)

Here we are by the fountain, strategically placed outside Momo
3 chicks as an ornament by the fountain – you can look, but you can’t touch =)

Finally, they came! It was expected though, as Merdeka traffic jams are known to pose as hindrance to any desired destination; the usual. We partied the countdown away

And before you know it, Merdeka-clad Mat Rempits thronged the streets with their convoys and blasting their honks throughout. We too, joined the fun and pumped up the night atmosphere with our music and “Merdeka!” hollers. Pity though, we hadn’t had any flags to wave. =(

 After much debate on where exactly to go, we headed to the beach later that night in Nesh’s car to join the Merdeka spirit. Which was, of course, after we had our supper at McD sunrise. Oh, there was a huge convoy there too. Apparently, they seemed oblivious to everyone around them and were in their own spectrum of gratification. The most amusing thing was when we spotted a tiny little Kancil car boasting a powerhouse of a woofer and stereo system in his boot. Like, wow – Chili Padi!

Had a ball of a time this Merdeka year. Happy 50th, my beloved homeland.