Hillcity Hotel’s buffet wasn’t as bad as I thought….. it was actually good! Despite what I thought of it considering the fact that it was 3-Star hotel.

Hmm, what was the best? The Stir-Fried lamb in American sauce and the Seafood Au-Gratin. I took three helpings of each! *gasp*

The rest were.. hmm.. well. Yeah.
It’s self-explanatory ain’t it? Haha.

The Christmas decors set the mood really well

We had our advanced family Christmas dinner (Well, it’s not like we aren’t gonna celebrate it on the 25th. WE ARE! On a much bigger scale of course.. muahhahhaha) So, round one I must say?
The people who live to eat. *bwahahaha*

Wow. A rather healthy choice innit? F.R.U.I.T.S

We bursting our buttons the moment we were done. Sumptuous helpings of appetizers, entrees, desserts and soups? Who wouldn’t be?

Oh, and for the record….