Wow. I’m leaving for home in about 3hour’s time! Not that I miss it or anything.. *rolls eyes*

More and more visitors are thronging the house and I feel like one of the sardines all packed up in the can. Darn. The people here are made up of far-flung relatives and also people whom I’ve never, ever seen in my entire 18years of life. BUT I don’t really mind.. beacuse the more the merrier and of course… more red-packets! (well at least I’m being honest)

Uncle Siew, Aunt Judy, Allyssa and Sherryl came a-visiting and I just can’t say how much I miss em! Especially Lyssa.. dunno why we get along kinda well. So anyway, when we were all in the midst of talking, cahtting, gossiping, yaddayadda.. look who fell into the sofa? Yeah, and I mean INTO the sofa, as in INSIDE the sofa. NOne other than my lil sweet innocent gumball, Furby. THat tiny lik hamster is up to mischief again huh? Causing so much inconvenience to the whole lot of us. We even had to make an incision on the sofa, turned the sofa 360degrees around and around just to catch it. (inset)  

It was like a wild goose chase where everything went awry and mayhem struck!! OMG. Finally, when the lil gumball was returned to where it SHOULD belong, we had to use a gigantic stapler to staple back the miserable sofa. Well, I didn’t have to do it.. so it doesn’t matter. *muahaaha*

Home sweet home.. just like Hubby. What a sheer coincidence! *Mwahxx*