After what seemed like decades surrounded by friends, it’s high time my family takes the lead.

I was ecstatic to learn that the closest people in the world to me had decided to make a trip down to Penang to visit us. When I got home last night at 6.00am, I slept on the living room couch, lest I wake them up from their beauty sleep. Anyhow, they ‘found’ me downstairs and exclaimed in pleasant surprise. We first headed for lunch in the town area but it was a frustrating journey as the myriad of Penangites gathered in a gridlock on most of the roads.

New World Park on Swatow Lane had evolved for the better. It’s now actually kinda cool! We had our lunch there – ooh the glory of Penang food and it’s unhealthiness. =P Oops, don’t remind me. Haha

Look at the oil and ajinamoto =P
Penang – the food getaway

After I was done downing my food and raining my glass of apple-orange juice. Yep, you guessed it. I grew bored :

and so did he..

and eventually, so did we!!

We went for some goodie-shopping in those cute bazaar-like thingy stores. *ahem* I bought myself a tribal sling bag n some bangles. Will show you guys the pic of my new bag soon. Really, these great bargains are so difficult to resist! I’d rather climb Mount Everest than to quit shopping. In fact, am actually looking forward to venture to that legendary peak. =)

That’s us taking a breather by the shady tree after we filled ourselves to the brim and before shopping-

They are the most amazing peeps on earth. Period
Love them to bits ♥ ♥


Randomly, I have just realised that ‘Huey Pheng’ meant cute apple in God-knows-what-language
Did I mention it out loud>?


Anyhow, when there is day, there is of course nightfall. We had mum’s mini pre-birthday get together in Secret Recipie

I just LOVE to tantalize and tempt you with all the food I possibly can in my blog. Anyone noticed? =P

Oh, and coincidentally, You guys are like the cute french fry looking at the food but cant taste through the computer screen. Let’s go out for some awesome food sometime.

Brownies rocks my grandmother’s socks
Oh speaking of which, that’s my grandmother in the background.

Credit goes to all these close-knitted people who mean the world to me.
Looking forward to hangout with you guys again. *mwah*