.Every being has a first step.
.Every life has its first breath.

*waves at practically no one*

Hey there…Yup, my blog is finally successful. Not that I never had one, but this is the first one that’s ACTUALLY constructed the way I please. Spent more than 3hours browsing and editing… now that’s a sheer waste of time!
Well, whatev– not that I really care

Actually, I do. *sigh* The way the digits of that freakin’ clock changes every so often, is beginning to bug me. Just exactly the way that God-forsaken ant is inching up my knee. Does it actually have a purpose in life? Or is it-
Okay, enough about the ant.

Time’s closing up on me… YES, I DO REALISE. So off to bed I go..

Agent: Pyjama-Jess 007
Mission: Get to bed immediately
Complications: Don’t have that bloody bolster with me now.
Code: Ai-kenot-slip-et-oll
Assigned by: Woman in red tapping her feet on the floor with her arms folded.

OOPS. That’s mum.