uh-huh.. nothin, nothin at all & simply nothin can wreck my euphoria!


Well, my day went as smooth ad Badawi’s legs. -oops-
Tyra Banks legs, I meant. Yeah, first of all I woke up to find myself half an hour late to school. That’s not quite the best part yet.. it’s somewhat great because I had my extra minutes of sleep! You read right. Even those few minutes are equally as important to me as any other. Hey, you would be a misewr when it comes to time too, if your schedule was measured in 20minute segments. *sigh* More stuff went smooth (I suppose) as I was very engrossed in my current book.

Cecelia Ahern- Ps. I Love You.
Actually, my whole world reduced to just me and my novel when I’m reading. Yeah, pretty much everything warped into non-existence. Sorry! =P Math period commenced and guess what? I got an A1- 90% for the Math mid-term exams. Praise God~! When things continued to flow without a hitch, momentum equibrum took over. *lol* I was thrilled to know that the orders for my Squash Club T-Shirt design has hit the roof!! *wide grin* Approximately 200 orders! I just can’t wait for it to be printed and ready. Don’t let me catch you wearing it.. because if I do, my pride will balloon to the size of the Grand Canyon! Duh.. although it might mean nothing significant, it’s a small step for me towards my dreams. A stepping stone, more of. For those of you out there who has ordered the T-Shirt, many thanks for your support! By doing so, you’ve made me more confident and bolder to take on more tasks! *huggs* Kay and I had our ‘ladies chat’ session (if you’re in the know, you might as well read between the lines). We had a fresh dosage of 411 by the time we were done with. *lol* Having a stroll with you to tuition classes couldn’t be better gurl! Remember those athletes? Heck, they weren’t exactly Mr. World or anything remotely close to it anyway. So why bother? =) Oh, and… -drumroll- Taylor won! I was always fond of him from the very beginning. A typical countryside-ish ol’ chap; complete with the grey streaks in his hair and oh-I-couln’t-be-any-more-relaxed expression.
Congrats dude!

or should I say, uncle>?