Wheee! For NewsWriting for Print Media class our team finally decided on what to name our newspaper –
* Daily Scoop : Feeding you the best *

Honestly, I’m so thankful to one of my team mates, Vishnu. I barely know him but this grouping thingy made us get to know each other better and to actually have a proper conversation that does not just consist of ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’. During my team’s brainstorming session, he was actually of great help. Dude, lets all work hard to make our team a success!

Things started to get a lil dry during class early in the morning.. just look at everyone:
For crying out loud, have some life people!
We didn’t want to be infected with this strain of boredom; hence we took some crazy piccies and laughed ourselves silly:

Soon after, we walked about aimlessly scouting for where to have our lunch.

Back and forth, left and right and the verdict was………………….


Before our delicacies arrived, we had one
chocolate chip muffin amongst the 5 of us. Yummy muffin courtesy of Andrea! =)

The attack of 5gurls against one harmless muffin.
Oh well, Sharing is caring!

No food yet? No worries – have camera, will snap!
Denise & I Steph & I

—–Behold the Gods of Gastronomy—-

It all finally came – except Nad’s sandwich. C’mon Breeks, get real. You mean to say that two plates of pasta, a set of mussels, a plate of chicken, a plate of fish, 2 dishes of creamy potatos and cheese bites are faster than a bloody sandwich??? Oh please. After all of us had finished eating, there still wasn’t any sign of it. She made the right move and cancelled her order. *hmmph*

The best and juciest part of the day was when the Breeks cashier totally forgot to include Denise’s meal of Mussels in our receipt. Like, my goodness! Free food! It was really hard to hold it in when the waitresses said,”Thank You” to us. I tried to stifle my laughter as I sarcastically replied,”Thank YOU“. Lucky us she didn’t suspect a thing. haha!

All smiles having her free food!
Yay, I manged to catch this on candid!

We then headed to Dome Cafe as Nads wanted to try out the latest Ice-Blended coffee. It looked really cool as it had caramel chocolate croutons on it. But alas, the quality and the coffee aroma of it was a far cry away from those from Starbucks and Coffee Bean.

We bumped into some of my favourite collegemates at MPH –

 Danny, Myself and Maya

Alright, back to class!
Ps. Denise and I had been chatting non-stop for hours on end! *winks*