Alright, it’s official. Today is the first time I skipped class this semester. My morning did not really start off well, in fact, it sucked. I awoke to a screaming banshee yelling her lungs, ribs and diaphragm out. Well, like I said yesterday: She’s morphing into a hardcore b*tch. Gosh.

Anyhow, my loved ones made my day a swell one. They are none other than my dearest gurlfriends and my one and only boyfriend. I spent my entire day out of the house (thank goodness) with her entirely out of my sight. =) My babes and I had a fantabulous lunch outing at Chilis in G Hotel.

Woo hoo!

Sadly, Lynn was on a diet. Hey! As if any of us are not?? =P Just this one time… pweetypweese? hehe.
   Don’t torture yourself dear. Haha.
Eat and be merry~

We gurlfriends had so much fun there and soon started chatting about our men. =) Hehe.. here’s to Benj, Daniel, Jeremy, Derry and Alvin –  Be honoured that you guys were the subject of our conversation! Anyhow, we went on and on and eventually moved on to the subject of lippies:

One of the reasons why gurls have so much more fun!
 It’s tenpin bowling for ya’ll!

Strangely, I don’t remember waiting this long for the food on my last dining at Chilis. Steph grew bored and started to doll up—

 and the rest of us continued our never-ending gurltalk.

Finally, our food arrived. It was more than worth the wait as it was simply wonderful to one’s tastebuds. The Cheese-stuffed chicken and the Rib-Eye was exquisite. Can’t ask for more now, can we?
Again, feast your eyesssss =)

Things didn’t exactly go my way when we were rushing like mad dogs to be in time for Mr. Irwan’s class. *gulps* Whilst in my haste, I spilled Nad’s Chocolate Latte!! Dang. I had to dash all the way back to Coffee Bean to buy a new replacement for her. Hmm.. what a literal meaning of paying the price for carelessness!

My babes and I – margarita anyone? =)

My night went just as terrific. Went over to Benj’s crib for dinner and oolala, more good food! My, my.. if this cycle goes on everyday, my Celebrity Fitness membership will go down the drain! haha.
Baby, thanks for the great dinner! I love it  ♥

This is how you eat a mega baloney chicken and bacon eggsandwich:

1 – Stare at it for as long as you like (tempt yourself)
2 – Whalloppp!!!!!!

Nothing beats my day today… and all my days. Again, I love my babes and my boo.