Yet another day of ultimate excitement. Though all my days are filled with bittersweet moments, no two are alike. And yes, I’m blogging this at the very dining table which I have had my porridge, marmite rice and Dumex Plus 15years ago.


In other words, IM BACK AT MY HOMETOWN! =)


Yupyupyup, while my grandma is busy belting out her furious criticisms towards my lackadaisical self for allowing Furby (my beloved pet) to escape from my makeshift cage. Fancy that! It was as though I wanted, or even hatched an evil plan to permit Furby to run back and forth on her precious dining table. I am your sane granddaughter not some psycho-driven female! Alright, enough with the whining.


I spent my day fine as a sunny day shopping for 5 consecutive hours. Ohh.. Heaven. But it sure ain’t heaven without Hubby by my side as he’s celebrating CNY back in KL. *sigh*

Seriously, I am filled with remorse under inevitable circumstances of food.


1. I had a fantastic breakfast of Chicken Curry Puff.

2. I ate a sponge cake which tastes like the moss on your bathroom walls.

3. I ate a ‘chicken pie’ which was downright awful.

4. I ate 5 CNY oranges but was too lazy to spit out the seeds.


The next thing you know, I’ll be sprouting oranges through my ears.


5. I took a bite of Uncle Mike’s Hokkien Mee.

6. I ate Blackpepper Chicken Croissant.

7. I stole 5 Belgium chocs.

8. I had exquisite Snowfish at a fine dining restaurant- Citrus.

9. I had more than a bite of Uncle Mike’s moist chocolate cake.

10. Oh fuck. I AM SO GOING TO PUT ON WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Latest groundbreaking news that would most probably interest me and me alone.

There’s been a death in the family and the poor widow is sitting on my immediate right. Thankfully, she doesn’t comprehend a word of the English Language; let alone read them. Right now, I think she’s washing dirty linen in public as everyone (excluding yours truly) at the dining table is all ears to what she has to say.. *Sweat*


Oh, Hubby is calling me. I do miss him. Lemme go talk to him first? Gimme a sec-


Gotta say goodbye now.  Gotta go do some revisions.



Au Revoir

Chai Chien.