Right after University and Working hours, I jet-setted the North-South Highway back hometown to spend the weekend with the Fockers. Home is where the heart is… and where all the love is! 😀


Especially when this weekend is Mother's Day, I know I've got 3 hot mamas that deserve my pampering and gifts




And that was when the Glee KL (#gleeKL) Flashmob Dance was held at The Gardens, Malaysia! It was a really happening flashmob organized by RandomAlphabets and other passionate Gleeks during the weekend!

It was a success, took this off YouTube to share with all of you 🙂



The whole mall was Gleekfied! Congrats on a job well done!


Wasn't able to make it as I was with the family back in the hometown for the weekend, but nevertheless, my undying support for movements of such! 😀 Hope I'm in town for the next flashmob!





Anyways, back to the long journey towards dinner for Momma's Day


As I'm 21 this year, I can totally relate to keys, padlocks or anything that represents freedom

Brass Key & Ring chain necklace from the one and only Soak Republic!



Pardon the impulse narcissism! 😛 😛


As it was a looooooooong journey down, I fooled around with the cam entertaining myself to kill time!


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Don't say I didn't tell ya! 😀 😀



Was roughly half an hour on the way to the Chinese restaurant. I wondered why we're going there to celebrate Mother's Day of all places 🙁 That's because Granny decided on where to eat this time. After all, she's the matriarch of the family and on Mother's Day, she had all the right to call the shots.



good ol' Uncle Mike joined the camwhore session!


It's funny how my face and his conjoins in the center of the photo



Reminds me of Two-Face from Batman series. Heh.


Anyhoozers, we finally reached Kok Thai chinese restaurant *inaudible groan* and began our one hour wait for the first 5 seasons course dish to arrive. Superangrymaximus I tell you. The restaurant peeps kept trying to seat more and more people in but had no courtesy to service the ALREADY seated customers.



Nevertheless, we had each others company 😀

Mom, godmom and I



One hour has passed and still no food on our table. I condemned the restaurant on FourSquare. Bah! Thanks to them, my gastric pangs attacked me real bad. 🙁 🙁 See? Empty bowls waiting for our Shark Fin soup


Look at the amount of people in the restaurant!

Standing summore



Naturally, when the food arrived one after another, the whole Focker family devoured it like there was no tomorrow! I didn't even have the time, nor mood, nor "approval" from all the fellow hungry gluttons on the table to take photos of the food. However, the feast was supernoms!

Ultimately, we're glad Popoh enjoyed the dinner. Although I ain't a fan of Chinese food, it's Mother's Day after all and the decision will never be mine for now 😛


The mother of all mothers all in smiles after her traditional Chinese dinner

Biglove to Popoh!



We adjourned back home after dinner. It was still hustling and bustling with people and their mothers! Here we are, outside the Chinese Restaurant. 3 generations of women 😀


The 3 VIP ladies in my life

Popoh, Mom and Godmom



When the clock struck 12am, I huddled them into the room and role-played an Award show just for them! I then did a mock inaugural Oscar speech and presented them with an award each at the end 😀



And the Oscar award for World's Best Grandma goes to…..

And the Oscar award for Super Mom goes to….

And the Hollywood Hall of Fame Best Mom award goes to…


My lovely ladies 😀

Pardon the PJs, it's midnight! hee



All in all, Mother's Day was a celebration of love and fun for us. Likewise, I wish the same for all the mother's out there too. Hope you peeps treat your hot mamas like Queens today and pamper them with all they deserve! After all, you were a pain in their (asses) stomachs for 9 months and annoyed the hell outta her in your younger days 😛


Biglove to all the mamas out there!

This is your day.. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY ALL



Right now, excuse us while my momma and I enjoy a jar of peanut butter while I teach her the ropes of Facebook 😀