Tomorrow marks the start of my Mid-Term Examinations. In other words, it signifies the beginning of holidays drawing nearer!!! Woo-hoo!!
Hear ye, Hear ye, fear not the exam; for it is to fear you instead. Go. Fight. Win.

As I’ve mentioned earlier in my few previous posts, September was indeed my month of Birthday galores. Today was Dad’s 47th, and we did it in traditional Chinese style – with thesymbolic food and whatnot.

Red for something, Yellow for something and so forth

I think I’ll pass; I’d rather have sandwiches instead.
So much better
 Don’t ask me, I know nuts when it comes to these parp. All I know is, if anyone were to celebrate my birthday in that style, I’ll squeeze out whatever Chinese culture they have in them.

My short visit to Queens’ today turned out into hours of shopping and food. Gracious me! It all began as mum and I were walking past some shops and the pretty things caught our eye. However guilty, I thrust my notes into my handbag and succumbed to the likes of shopping. We bought some tees from Converse and I got myself a black pair of Converse – which coincidentally turned out to be the ones almost similar to Benj’s!

Time after time saw us at Elle and the both of us were spending hours in the fitting room, bottomless, topless, barefoot… and the list goes on. Mom walked away with some goodies which i obviously didn’t bother looking, as her stuff ain’t my type and vice-versa. Anyhow, I ended up with some pretty cool gym gear. A snazzy top which fits me perfectly. *gleams* Plus, I got myself a pair of  white pants which I sosososo lurrve! Oh, and a pair of chunky wedges as well.

Dropped by The Body Shop and bought this adorable lil tub of Raspberry lipbalm

Tea-time was at Sakae Sushi and yes, I whalloped the SoftShellCrab Temaki Rolls and their crepes. Delicoussss
After having some guilty pangs, I ushered mom to the car to leave a.s.a.p as I somehow knew that if we ended up staying there any longer, my wallet would be exhausted even more than it already is.

Which, instead, had us going to the Pasar Ramadhan to get some foodstuff for kakak. As usual, I found some rather intriguing sights which I found highly newsworthy:

A singing senile old woman standing bolt upright
A wonderful pair of Chinese & Malay housewives
A lonesome autistic child in search for her parents

God bless them. Amen