Being the coffee nut I am, I was delighted upon receiving an invitation to Pacific Coffee Company’s coffee and dessert pairing session with a very special guest and renowned coffee ambassador, Mike Yung.

A huge chunk of my every day life already involves coffee (and dessert!) so today’s session was equivalent to striking gold!


Fun coffee times await!


This session allowed us to polish our understanding of the different types of coffee, its flavours and origins, as well as which dessert would fit which kind of coffee best.

But first, let me show you around the cafe. Smile


 This is what you will see at the counter when you place your order.


 Shot from another angle! This time you can see the cakes and other pastries too.


 Lots of handouts for coffee lovers to learn more about Pacific Coffee Company’s coffee!


 The sizes available.


 For those who don’t drink coffee (how could you!?!Foot in Mouth), there are always alternatives, like the various teas they have! 


The cosy cafe setting of Pacific Coffee Company.


Alright, moving on from the interior and setting, let’s get down to the highlights of today!

The coffee pairing session.



I kept my ears peeled as I was so keen to leave the cafe at the end of the night with an increased knowledge of my favorite drink ever – coffee!

We were lucky to have Mike Yung with us tonight. Smile


 But first, who exactly is he and what is he to the world of coffee?


Canadian Mike Yung is a certified technical, sensory and Head Judge of World Barista Championships, World Latte Art Championships and is now Graffeo Coffee Roasting Co.’s coffee ambassador in Hong Kong.

He also leads a coffee academy which does professional coffee training and consulting – Graffeo Coffee Academy!


So rest assure that the coffee information you will be reading here is credible enough.

Are we ready? Ha Ha


Presenting the types of coffee from three different origins and their respective desserts.



First up! SUMATRA. 

From the well-known Indonesian island in South East Asia, the Sumatran blend has a fascinating, complex herbal and earthy aspect to the aroma.

These wet-processed coffee beans are derived from the highlands of the tropical forests and the surrounding area of Lake Toba.



Personally, I’m not too big a fan of the Sumatran coffee as it has an unfamiliar twang to it which rubs my taste buds the wrong way. Yell

It isn’t bitter, neither does it taste horrid at all. It’s a taste which I can’t quite put my finger on. I would still drink it with no complaints; it just wouldn’t be something I’d actively opt for if given the choice.



However, I won’t deny that the Sumatran coffee works best when paired with the Tiramisu.

It naturally releases earthy flavours to enhance the Sumatran coffee.  It lingers at the back of your tongue for a while before going down smoothly into your throat.



The popular coffee-flavoured Italian dessert’s smooth texture and walnut-flavours makes a perfect partner for the high-bodied and low acidity of the Sumatran coffee.

Hands down! Wink


Round two! The second coffee pairing – COSTA RICA.

Famous for its beautiful tropical landscape and fine coffee, Costa Rica certainly produces coffee beans that do not disappoint.



Also wet-processed, this is a full bodied coffee with a pungent characteristic, coupled with maple syrup and herbal, citrus-like notes.

The Costa Rican coffee exhibits the typical sweet taste and bold richness that many are familiar with. If you aren’t too familiar with your coffee jargon, then make this coffee type your safest bet. Cool



As the typical American Baked Cheesecake is rich and boasts a dense, smooth and creamy texture, it pairs in harmony with the robust, citrus-like Costa Rican coffee.

This dessert and coffee type relies heavily on each other to enrich the strong flavours of both; bringing out a refreshing taste from the beans and rich aftertaste of the cake.



The American Baked Cheesecake relies on a citrus flavour to enrich the cheese flavours, while the Costa Rican coffee goes well with the cheesy strength for a clean, significant and easily recognizable flavour at first sip.

We were told that chocolate can be used to replaced the cheese, as it results in the same effects as well.



Here’s the third and final coffee pair – ETHIOPIA.

Am I saving the best for last? 😀 Read on.


The Ethiopian Mocha.

As its name suggests, these coffee beans originates from Ethiopia, South Africa. It is rich in taste with notes of leather, wood, earth and yes, nuances of berry fruit!



This coffee is a dry-processed one, unlike the other two.

The processing of the beans tends to produce a heavy-bodied coffee with exceedingly low acidity. This results in a strong flavour sans that unpleasant bitter taste on your tongue.



So what would be the most perfect partner to complement this coffee? The blueberry cheesecake, of course! Such yum. Wow. Much nom.

When paired with the Ethiopian Mocha coffee, delicious blueberries on rich indulgent cheesecake forms a unique fruity fragrance.

This strikes a perfect balance between the sweetness and tartness! Big Smile


A wonderful symphony of flavours. Bring this combo to your deathbed!


Full bodied and with a strong earthy flavour, the Ethiopian Mocha definitely tops my list of favorite coffee types. This is my winner! Sweet Kiss




After the coffee pairing session, we were treated to some light bites and treats while we mingled about with fellow coffee connoisseurs, enthusiasts and fans alike.

I was getting a tad hungry after all that tasting and I was lucky having desserts and coffee before my meal did not spoil my appetite! Laughing


 Tuna wholemeal sandwiches.


 I cannot remember the filling of this pastry but it sure was delicious!


 Chicken and potato puffs.


Whilst munching on our light bites and enjoying free flow of freshly-brewed coffee, I managed to catch up with my fellow blogger buddies – some of whom I’ve not met in a long time, and others whom I bump into every now and then.

Cue the selfies and group shots!


 JQ. Jessicat. Kifly

 Take two!


My girl Dila and I


 Suresh. Jon. Jessicat


 Jessicat. Annie. Dila


 Feeq. Jessicat

Duuuuuude, have you lost weight!? 😀


 Cindy. Li Chuen. Jessicat


Isaac and I.


While leaving the premises, I caught sight of these brown goodie bags. Kiss

Cool! Looks like Pacific Coffee Company ain’t letting us go home empty handed today!


 Wonder what’s inside? Coffee beans? Nahh.


 They gave us a double-walled thermal coffee mug! Awesome.

Now I don’t have to drink cold or lukewarm coffee anymore.


 Many thanks to Pacific Coffee Company and Mike Yung, for enlightening us with

profound coffee knowledge that every enthusiast should have at their fingertips!




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