Who hasn’t got the time for mid-week madness? Certainly not I.

Despite being extremely busy in my new job, I made it a point to relax and unwind over a pint of Guinness when I received the invitation. Smile


Black-white-gold was my theme for the night. Styleshot // Jessicat wears:

Dress by Kitschen / Tote bag by Prada / Peep toe spiked heels by Pedro



I headed to Laundry Bar @ The Curve right after work to be entertained after a stressful day with my favorite creamy pints of Guinness and music made of more.


Catching up with my girls over our Guinness pints!





So, what’s the scoop for the evening? Ha Ha

In conjunction with Guinness Malaysia’s effort to celebrate local musicians, Guinness Amplify was born!


Our mid-week catching up over superb local music performances.


Buddy Sam and I. We’ve come such a long way!


Guinness Amplify marks the birth of a music platform which shines a brand new light towards the championing our very own home-grown talents.

This new idea also celebrates the journey of passionate musicians – those musicians who are Made of More.



It’s great to know that their hard work making music is being recognized even more via this new platform! Cool

Yup, way to go in supporting local acts! Big Smile


We ladies enjoyed being entertained by acoustic music and powerful vocals.


Guests were treated to a taste of what the campaign has in store, with special live performances by Paperplane Pursuit and Darren Ashley from Dash, two of the local acts involved .



In this new and exciting platform, I hear these extraordinary musicians will now also have the chance to showcase their talents alongside international stars!

Can you guess who? Adore

GUINNESS® Amplify: Music Made of More will feature 6 incredible live shows in 6 weeks in locations across Peninsular Malaysia during its GUINNESS® Amplify Live Tour, which will kick off with USA’s popular singer-songwriter Howie Day of ‘Collide’ fame.



[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ca9ub9rpNK4″ width=”600″ height=”300″ full=”no” ]

My favorite song as a teenager! It was introduced to me by my then high-school sweetheart.


Live music heroes Kyoto Protocol and Paperplane Pursuit will be performing alongside Howie Day… and a mystery international star (which I ain’t tellin’ ya who yet!)! Ooooh.. lucky them, right? 


Interested to catch the gig? Read on.

Admission to the 6 shows in the GUINNESS® Amplify Live Tour will be free of charge and on a first-come, first-served basis


Also, a pint of GUINNESS® will be going for only RM10 throughout the night!


Showcasing the talent of 18 of Malaysia’s best acts GUINNESS® Amplify: Music Made of More is set to ignite everyone’s senses in a celebration of talent, passion, and dedication.


We had a little sneak preview of what the night had to offer.



Having lots of fun with the camera! Guinness, girls, and our camera – ya’ know what’s gonna happen next! Selfie overload! Wink


Join the GUINNESS® Amplify Live Tour and do keep your ears peeled for the special grand finale show yet to be revealed!

 The shows will take place at the following venues and dates:


September 6 – The Bee @ Publika, Kuala Lumpur          

Kyoto Protocol 

                                  Paperplane Pursuit                                      

Howie Day


September 13 – Rabbit Hole @ Changkat, Kuala Lumpur


The Marquee

OJ Law


September 20 – Bierhaus @ Austin, Johor

An Honest Mistake




September 27 – Foley’s @ Oasis Damansara, Petaling Jaya

Tempered Mental

Nick Davis



October 4 – Soho Gastro Pub @ Precinct 10, Penang

The Endleaves


Kyoto Protocol


October 11 – Laundry Bar @ The Curve, Petaling Jaya

Halfway Kings

Paperplane Pursuit

They Will Kill Us All


After the announcement of the shows and details was made , we were all treated to a delectable buffet spread for dinner to wrap up the night.


Selfie of the girls and I just before queuing up for the buffet line!

Take two!


And that’s a wrap for a fun-filled evening of free-flow Guinness and music made of more.

Thanks for amplifying our night with food, music, awesome company and of course your signature pints, Guinness Malaysia!



To find out more details and see how you can get your hands on exclusive tickets to the grand finale show, stay tuned to www.amplify.com.my.

Join the GUINNESS® Amplify Live Tour, and be a part of this extraordinary journey through Music Made of More.