So it’s the end of January 2015 and I haven’t got round to my 2014 rewind yet.

Yes, yes, I’m a late bloomer but this is just one of the things I’d like to share today. The fact that I no longer have the luxury of time to write as frequently as I do on this blog as I used to. 


I tend to update my social channels more often than I update my blog now.


Not even joking. 🙁 I’m lucky if I get to even publish a post once a fortnight nowadays. It used to be 2-3 times a week! How times have changed. The new job has taken a huge chunk of my time and energy from churning out posts every night or every weekend, the way I used to.

Do you even know how many drafts have been abandoned in my blog editor?

At least 30.


Each time I excitedly blog immediately after, say, a food review, an event, a party or a holiday, so many things (mainly work-related) come in the way of my goal to finish it. Bleh. Yell

The result? A half-finished blog post draft and by the time I finally get round to continuing where I left of, months have passed and I am left dejected… not knowing if there still is novelty anymore.


Think of that and multiply it by 30. *grumbles*


Many a time people ask me: How do you juggle a full-time job and your blog at the same time?

The answer is: I don’t even know how anymore.Hit with Ball

Work:life ratio has been hectic last year and I can hardly remember the last time I am able to finish reading a novel, to religiously maintain with my gym-training routines or to keep up with the demands of my blogging mojo.


My desk at the office (at the former workplace).


Anyway, let’s get to the point, shall we?

Every year, I do an annual rewind of the year that was, highlighting my top blog posts and memorable moments.

But last year saw the steep decrease of the number of articles written in this blog – charted at only 45 posts in 2014 alone. That’s more than a 50% decline in quantity! I shouldn’t be upset, but rather endeavour to continue prioritizing what made me who I am today – to continue penning on my very own blog, here on TheJessicat.comCool


So since it is virtually impossible to do a best of 2014 wrap-up, I’ll show you what made my 2014, sans the blog posts okay?

Maybe one day I’ll get to it… actually not ‘maybe’. I will get to it. Just you wait. Hehe.



So what did I get up to on the year of the horse?


I aim to continue my The Sunday Times, the second part’s here – a project that I’ve abandoned all of last year.

Let’s welcome the highlights of 2014 (Part 1) First Quarter of 2014!




New Year’s luncheon with my ex-colleagues of Kraken Interactive!

We had Japanese food at Kura Japanese Restaurant at One World  Hotel.



I’ll always love this crazy bunch at Kraken Interactive! They make my workdays all the merrier.


Solved the Rubik’s Cube in under 3 minutes.

I even wanted to film a video of my cracking it but I never got round to shooting it.

Maybe I will, this year.



Apart from the Rubik’s Cube, I was also very addicted to Guess The Emoji,

a popular word-game app at the time. I wonder if they’ve added more levels yet?


Attended my boss’ wedding



This was what I wore 😀

(Believe it or not, it was my high school prom dress!)



It was held at Mandarin Oriental. Such pretty Victorian decor!



Congrats again, Ron & Jasmine. Hey look, it’s been exactly 1 year now!

Happy 1st Anniversary!




We had our instant pictures printed!


Attended the media launch of Phat Barrels in Publika KL!

Blog post: here



Received an awesome new notebook with my name engraved onto it.



Spent time with the couzzie Maddy.

Thank you dearie, for all your advice on my floundering love life’s (mis)adventures.

Allow me to show you my fluffy furkid, Chivas.

Wait till you see how he looks when I give him a bath…


Ex-colleagues introduced baba-nyonya food to me at Mum’s Place  in Damansara Perdana

And our usual after-dinner nearby watering hole at Tom, Dick & Harry’s at TTDI

Escaped to Genting Highlands for a day.

My heart broke when I saw the childhood themepark I grew up in, disintegrate to debris. 🙁

I love you, Genting!

Can’t wait for your transformation to FOX Studios Malaysia in a couple of years!

Spent time with the sister as always!

Relished in Morganfield’s sticky bones pork & lamb ribs.


Indulged in their pork ribs!


So that was practically what made up my January. 

Next up:





 CNY photo session with my former colleagues at Kraken Interactive!



 My favorite Krakenites.



The extended family! Kraken Interactive, Clicks Communications & MadLabs




 Company CNY dinner! Gawd I vaguely remember how drunk we got.



 Much love to them!



 Here’s a random picture of my 2-year old furkid, Chivas.

Loyal readers would know him by now. Kiss



Isn’t he the cutest?



He’s mine….. ALL MINE! 




 My blogmates Kounila & Shane flew down to Malaysia for a blogger’s conference.

Here we are after the event!



Aussie pal Jason happened to be globe-trotting around Asia so we managed to squeeze in a meet-up!



 Barbeque session with the former colleagues at big Ben’s house! 😀


 Buddy Erin & I out for lunch at some fish place Aman Suria. 

OR was it Kota Damansara? Nevermind. I’ll find out and edit this space. 😛 


 We adjourned for coffee thereafter at Wood & Steel in Kota Damansara.



 Lil bro came down from Singapore again and off hiking we go!



 Bukit Gasing Hill this round.


 Attended the Skream rave at Providence KL. 

Got a hair makeover from my hair sponsors A Cut Above.

Blog post: here


Got interviewed on the topic of entertainment outlets in Malaysia

Spent Chinese New Year back home in Penang!

Blog post: here


And that was what my February was made of. On to the next month!





 Got amazed by gargantuan banana. 

Who even eats this? Godzilla? 😛 

 My girl Tove came to visit Malaysia. 

Spent some girly time over shisha and around the city.


 Hung out with the rest of the European backpacker buddies that came with her!




 Brought them all to Chateau De Caffeinees and showed them around KL too.



 Since I’m such a good host 😛 😛 ahem..

Looking forward for your turn to host me when I *ever* get my arse to Germany/Sweden!



Headed to Reggae Mansion’s rooftop bar for some drinks and quality conversations.



 Guess where we headed to the next day? 😀

They wanted to party in a super club with awesome drinks,  music & crowd.


 Zouk Club KL of course! Where else?

They had a blast there. Especially popping Moets after Moets ala the #RichKidsOnInstagram

HAHAH! Come back soon and I’ll bring ya’ll there again, I promise!



 Though I love to party & rave, life isn’t all about partying to me. 

Spent quality time catching up with the girlfriend, Anis, over coffee the next afternoon.


 Weekdays after work were spent having coffee at Mukha with the ex-colleagues.



Couzzie Nick came down from Australia to spend time with the family here!

Managed to catch up over coffee too. 


Yes it’s coffee all day, every day for me!

Clearly, I’m a massive coffee-nut.



 Also hung out with couzzie Maddy for brunch at The Grumpy Cyclist, TTDI.

Swimtime sessions with bigbro, Michael!

Underwent a procedure sponsored by Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre KL.

Blog post: here


 Here’s another random photo of my babyson.


 You’re getting in the way of mommy’s mealprep, honey.



 Attended a food tasting/review session at Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club.

Blog post: here



 Attended the launch of ‘Weekend Chillout’ sessions at Stratosphere, The Roof!

Blog post: here


 Off to our rave-ground, Zouk right after!



So that was how my first quarter of 2014 went. 

At that point in life, I vividly remember how I never thought I’d fall in love again. I was feeling broken yet living the life as a single girl for the first time in forever… but little did I know that the month of April would be the start of a beautiful journey. But that’s another story for the next quarter of this 2014 rewind. 😉 Stay tuned.

Alrightey, logging off now. It’s almost 11PM – way past dinner time and I haven’t had a bite since lunch!