WHO would’ve thought I’d do a post on cars or anything automobile? Hmm… for the record, I’m doing so right now. hahaha *waves to buddy Vincent*

cars! cars!

Haha.. but anyhow, it’s not much. I’m not really a avid fan of wheels but I’ve been eying an Mazda RX-8 for as long as I can remember. Woots!

Anyhow, I bet ya’ll have watched or at least heard of MTV’s Pimp My Ride? Welllll…… the Penangites sure have their own way of pimping their cars.. hmmmm

this one made my friends and I go…

It’s been around lately and we keep spoting it so frequently till I had had had to feature it in my blog. Hmm.. I guess it’s worth the attention, bad or good


Hmm… speaking of being girlish with hearts all over the car, try imagining a reddish/pinkish car with wings

Cupid gone automobile??

I wonder.

It makes me feel like taking off to space in this Kenari

Oh and no offense were meant in the facial expressions. I was just baffled at how one would to such extent to “pretty-up” their cars.. in a girlish way =)

Anyhow, I too, am a fan of pimping and making things my own. After all, we all are individuals aren’t we? *cheers* And being me, I themed my car ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’





oh, and I’ve pimped my Lappy too
here =P

BUT BUT BUT.. that was all before the parents got hell freaked out by the likes of it each time I pulled up at our front porch. They went on yadda-yadda-ing till I was bribed to actually remove everything.
yes, BRIBED. with cold hard cash


So all that’s left is the sleek identity of mine on the left-back side of my lil buggy.

whatever, at least it’s STILL different.

What do you think of modding cars?
Seen any freaky or extra cool cars around lately?