In regards to my previous post, imagine if these were made with cheese.. pure concentrated cheese like nothing but good ol blocks of cheese???

Yes, see the effect of being cheesed? You get autistic & retarded faces
Look! It looks halfway melted and hideously crafted.
The face, I mean. not the sculpture.
No hard feelings, ey? =P

Like I mentioned here my obsession for cheese is over. But I’m still lovin’ it, only a lil less =P

So just imagine, if you ate them all for breakfast, lunch and dinner and if it were to be made of nothing but pure cheese, you’ll prolly end up cheesie-fied, collapsing to the ground impregnanted with partly digested milk curds. UGH.

help. call the paramedics!

LOL. Truth be told, it ain’t made of cheese. It’s all butter – which is obviously even worse!!! Because it’ll be made of , hydrogenated oils, fattyfats and lards
okfine, here’s the complete truth. It ain’t meant to be eaten =P

Those were actually butter sculpture projects made by the Chef students of my campus. =) They are such a fun bunch, never regretted knowing them…. the motley crew, one of them being my Babyboo, other wacky peeps(you know who you are), GAVIN THE NOOBOOB : Exhibit A

Washing his hands after the butter sculpture… and checking himself out in the mirror! Caught in action. “aiyah, hemsem ady lahhh” LOL