As promised in my teaser post of the Worldwide Music Festival, here’s the sequel of it

We got to Siloso Beach, Sentosa really early in the night. Party peeps were still sober and seemed to keeping the maniac in them very well hidden. Awh, such innocent chatting. It won’t last, you betcha. Just a few more shots will do the trick.

Oh hello, g’dday
Oh yesyes hello

As it began to clock closer into midnight, people were already in a frenzy! Hmm.. I guess I gotta slug down some sh!t too to get into the mood first. Woo hoo

Why, thank you.

I can haz cheezburger bacardi
scuba diving in mexico

Please sir, may I have some more?
Oliver Twist wtf

Whee hoo

mad smileys

Keep it goin’ babeh. One step closer to a jolly good time.. closer and closer. The clock is ticking. The night is still young. The drinks are flowing free. The choice is yours.

Love the tongue stud, babe!

Love Corona even more!

Cheers, yo!



The gurls & I

We’re still kickin’ it!

And so are the rest of the party peeps I hope?

sad smileys

sad smileys

Can you hear me say… JAI HO!

Can you take me higher~
To a place where blind men see~


Just let it go

Mr. Bean!

Party on!

The DJs were heating it up, and tearing the dance floor like no other! Those addictive tracks made every partygoer escalate sky high.

DJ Lefto

He’s one tiny thing that burns the party up

I love this picture. It brings the whole Las Vegas scene to life. Sin city, yo! ♥

We slumped and lied down on the beach to catch a breath. Phew. Running around partying throughout the whole stretch of Siloso can be pretty exhausting. Affirmative.

Good thing I junked out on the beach.
I would’nt have noticed sucha pretty sight, should I have not.

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Awesome night.