When it comes to charity or donating for a good cause, I’m no stranger. But the only friggin thing that I will support by just ‘being there’ or giving my moral support is BLOOD DONATION.

Yep, that’s right. As much as I love morbid stuff, one thing I cannot stand watching blood donation in process or the bags and bags of blood packets in the hospital.

Things as such will make me :


Yeah so you can clearly see here when I accompanied Benjie to donate his blood (to that Leukemia-stricken child) I was on my lappy, plus blocking my view from that bloody needle.

That’s Benj’s hand squeezing the rubber ball

Just because I refuse to witness it, it doesn’t mean you are exempted! =P =P Not for the weak of heart. Here you go:

Nurse sticking the needle past his epidermis into his vein

Vein detected : Retrieving blood 3% in process

ZOMG ZOMG this is where I will shudder in geli-ness

Blood drawing its way out *glug glug glug*

Blood retrieval process completed successfully at 100%
Please remain solitary to avoid giddiness

Hmm.. so anyway, Benji and I watched ‘Eagle Eye’ last night. Oh but before that, we managed to catch sight of a very faint rainbow after the heavy drizzle.


So yeah, back to ‘Eagle Eye’ and believe me, it was the BOMB (no pun intended) It began very dryly though and I was quite certain I was enroute to falling asleep but after the 1st 15 minutes, MY EYES WERE WIDE OPEN TILL WE LEFT THE CINEMA.


No spoilers but.. technology haven’t been that advanced and centrally dominant before. Awesome stuff they have in the United States for security. Watch out for the chase in the airports. Don’t forget your popcorn!

Oh and.. my hearthrob Shia LaBeouf is the main star. It’s been a longlong time since I’ve ever had a star crush but hey, he broke the record.


He has this IDK-what’s-going-on look but he’s hot nonetheless. This adorable yet gorgeous young star has made me a fan of all his movies ever since. Namely: Constantine, Disturbia, Transformers, Indiana Jones and the latest, Eagle Eye.

Can I say it again?

Anyone likes him too?
Okok enough.

That’s that for ‘Eagle Eye’ and I really do hope you’ll watch it. ^_^
For today, Benji and I are going on a movie marathon again. I’ve got two tickets for the screening of ‘Disaster Movie’ in GSC tonight.


Wheeee! Will tell you all about it!