Ever imagined yourself in a PAIR OF SKATES, or rather A SKATEBOARD?

Well, some kids might prolly have a pair of shoe-wheelies. I did, back in school and so did a good friend of mine, Su Ting. Hers was white and mine were black.

So to speak, de gang and I went for some fun on wheels. Yep, bingo! ROLLERBLADING is the game!

Thankfully, it wasn’t a painful experience for me as it ain’t my first time. My classmates and I used to go rollerblading every Monday back in the 2nd Semester during our 3-hour break. (HEY NADIA, STEPH, EDWYNN & MELVIN I HOPE YOU’RE READING THIS!) It was fun skating around and laughing ourselves silly whenever we go ka-plunk on the ground due to our imbalance~!

So yeah, all of us met up early at the Skating Rink to do our thang!!

The SlimShadyz en route to the rink.

When the 5 of us got there, we endured the stink-factory. Yep, that’s what I call the shoe counter and it’s immediate vicinity.

That’s ‘cos once you step into the area, the revolting smell of after-skate-sweat and (who knows?) people with disgusting Athlete’s Foot stench will be widespread in all the air molecules and INTO YOUR NOSTRIL!!

uber yuck!

Horrid smell aside, we then began our undignified version of skating stances, misshapen and less than proportionate figures . But so what?

Take notice of the background, what does it say?

Skating is….. a)Healthy b)Hell

Take your pick ^_^

Amboi, mesra-nye. XP
GO GO Blades of Glory!!

But course, not everything is butterflies & sunshines. I’m sure you’ve been waiting for this part. *nyeh-heh-heh* There OBVIOUSLY were times when the blades of glory, aerodynamics, gravitational points and any other theory from Physics around our bodysystem failed us.

Hence the ka-plunkkk and direct contact of our rear ends to the ground.

In other words, pah-kah-lau!!!
Obviously, they weren’t the only ones.
I fell as well – twice even!

It’s just that there ain’t any pics of me falling cos the camera happens to be in my possession =P

Juggling between the drinks FOR YOU GUYS
whilst trying to maintain my balance.

BigBadChicks on wheels!
We don’t need no Aldo, Charles&Keith or Manolos.


Umm.. Did I just say that? o_O
I didn’t mean it. Nyehehe.