Guess who’s back? and no, it’s not Eminem Slim Shady.

My finals are FINALLY over which accounts to – no more mugging!


The best part is, I’ve got my car back after waiting for so friggin’ long. Sadly, it ain’t the car that I aimed for but oh well, I’m not gonna be in Malaysia next year so.. why bother getting a new one?

ohyeaaaaaahh babeh~
Jess is back on the roads!!

My car was once beyond repair after the road accident [here], but I guess the car-people proved us all wrong. They managed to turn it back the right way up to make it fully workable again. So I should be happy, no?

Unfortunately now, my car disallows me of driving more than 70KM/H. -_________-“


Can you flippin’ believe that? The moment I knew, it was like mud thrown on my face. Which youth in this pacing world drives slower than 70KM/H? It seriously is a huge contrast for someone who drives at 120KM/H on a highway.


how i wish this sleek white baby was mine
(frame also nevermind)

It was my first time on the left lane and and I remember being sandwiched by a “kereta buruk” in fronta me and an “ah-pekk” behind me while other drivers whiz past me on the right-lane which was once MY LANE. =/

Regardless of driving at whatever speed, I could almost smell the breeze of freedom hitting against my face as I cruise through the roads back home

Don’t ask me how I took this picture. You won’t be pleased.

As of now, I’ve got a whole lot to do on my checklist :


and so much more!

The gods of Irony has spoken again; I’m supposed to be free and easy after the final examination but my schedule is bursting at its pages.

Wheeeeee I’m so excited!

But I promise to keep yall posted!
(as always)

jess ~