I’m at the Tiger-Nuffnang standout party now; as we speak. So yeah, I’ve been avoiding the million-dollar question that many peeps had badgered me with :

“What will you be dressing up as, Jess?”

Only to be answered with my delusional :

“Nah, no time to plan anything
nor buy anything”

But honestly guys, you know me better don’t you? /winks
I would never ever go to a party unprepared. Even better, if it is a costume party, I’ll bring out the spirit in me till the very end.

So.. what will I be going as?


Nah, I didn’t mean to beguile anyone.
Just figured that it would be rather fun to give everyone a shocking surprise when they see me at the party.. yup, NO ONE knows. Not even my roomie 🙂 So don’t go murdering her for not letting out my secret.

My final clue :


Any guesses on what I went as?