Just received the news from the polititian of the house, dad:

“Jess, DAP is now our new government. BN lost.”

*stares in shock*

Oh well, the nation just has to accept the majority votes. A twist of fate.. for the 1st time in Malaysian history. From 1956 – 2008, the combined forces of UMNO,MIC & MCA which forms the undisputed governmental party – BARISAN NATIONAL, has been reigning in the General Elections hands down.

And now? =_=”

Hmm, what constitutes the trust of Malaysia? That’s for us, the nation, to exercise our democratic powers. And this has been proven in the election results.

the losing of trust?

Even the oldies who prolly have never left the house for eons, actually got up and out from the house to cast their votes. Which is a good thing, because it actually exposed them to sunshine.

*Tee Hee*

With all due respect, congratulations.

May you fly the flag high, then-opposition party-DAP-turned-government, and rule the nation even better than how it was ever before. Bring us to greater heights and more prestigious accomplishments!