Why do I keep thinking that other countries are so much more exciting?
Maybe because the grass always seem greener on the other side? I guess.

Oh and…. why do Japanese peeps have good food?

Because they do, we were drawn to their magnetic field force.

*waves frantically at Wendy*

The Garlic Rice there is to die for. =)

Sushi King. We ateateate and ateateate and ateateate and ate till we couldn’t eat anymore. We were stuffed and ready to be marinaded in wasabi.

Look at Carter – he looks as though he is puking due to lack of stomach space.

As usual, we cracked jokes and made fun of everything under the sun especially Carter’s peculiar expressions.

Wow. This was so random. Haha.. LAUGH IT ALL OUT! It’s better than farting.

Imagine the joy of us indulging our Japanese delights when an evil creature stared at us from the plate. It was creepy, especially the expression it had on its face.


Creepy, no? =D

Whether or not you shoot dagger glares at us, we’re still gonna consume you and your species you wannabe-ghoul. Face it, you’re not a ghoul. Hate to break it to ya boy, but you’re a lifeless piece of baby octopus soaked in delicious sauce ready for our consumption. hah. IN YOUR FACE.

3 gurls, 2 guys and agazillion empty plates.

By the end of our meal, dear Mahendra was there to count our bills – as always. JOYCE, LOOK! LOOK! LOOK!

I captured his picture!


He scribbled on my bill and wrote neatly on everyone else’s. *sniff*
I think he hates me, Joyce.

With full tummies, we headed to Las Vegas with Ashton Kutcher & Cameron Diaz. Ahh yes, the Sin City for all! Tickets to Las
Vegas were sold at RM8.

What Happens in Vegas? We’re all about to find out =)

One for the road!

Tune in for more Sushi escapades

Ohh no. Rachel can’t keep her eyes off me.
Oh well