Hurrah! I’ve brought our Father Jesus Christ into Mum’s heart and 2 years down the road, today she is now baptized!! Hallelujah!

He has his plans for us, even if we don’t know how to go about it.
Keep yer faith up, for God is watching us.

It was a scorching day but our spirits burned even brighter

Together with the others wanting to be baptized..

As you can see below, young and old alike all in line to be water baptized

There is no age barrier for being baptized. When you feel that the walk of your righteous life is mature enough, just say it when you’re ready to accept our Father as your Lord and Saviour into your lives.

That’s Pastor Jerry speaking to mum prior to her baptism

And there she goes! Hallelujah!!

This was me back in 2006. (one of the few unflattering pics of myself that I still keep. memories-keepsake)

When I was baptized by water as well. I’m still thankful until today for the fact that my sweetheart brought me into the body of Christ.

May He bless us in our journey of love & bond.

And today, I’m proud to be His child. Never forsaken. Though I may not be a staunch, I still try my best in glorifiying His name. Time will tell as I mature into my walk of faith.