OMG… today is the last day to vote for the happy moments contest!!

*sigh* one thing I regret is, submitting my entry so late. It was already running for 3months but I only knew about it on the 2nd last day. So, that was when I submitted my entry.. so did Dubby. The closing date for submissions is 31st March and we only wrote & submitted ours on the 30th.

Hmm.. whats defeating the other entries with votes for 3 whole months? Ours only had votes for 1 week. Take that as a comparison. =(

Anyway, I will still keep believing. It doesn’t hurt to try. For those who have not seen my happy moments entry for the contest click – here.

For those who has, you can vote as many times as you want so click – here, to vote for me!!

(Rank 5 is the highest, and Rank 1 is the lowest)